AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.7.1

  • AOMEI Onekey Recovery is a software offering backup and restore system. You can use it to create a factory partition and store system, or you can backup system to external hard disk to save space of local disk.
  • There are two packages offered to backup system for individuals and commercial use. AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional will protect your personal computer easily. If you want to maintain more than multiple computers, you can buy AOMEI OneKey Recovery Family License.
  • Once you backup system successfully, It will generate shortcut-F11 or A, you can set one of them as shortcut to enter onekey recovery environment during computer startup. For the computers with EFI/UEFI boot, you can enter into the program to restore your system by using Windows Boot Menu. Of course, AOMEI OneKey allows you to configure how to display the boot menu by options..
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AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.7.1 Key Features

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Backup System

Select an existing partition to allocate a required amount of free space for creating a recovery partition, where a system backup image is saved. For preventing backup images from being damaged, the recovery partition will be hidden by default.

System Recovery

Restore your computer to its factory settings or a previously backed up state. It is the best way to return things to normal when a disaster happens. Support restoring system to original location or other location.

Quick Recover System

After backing up system, you can press a special keyboard button - F11 default or A key when your computer starts up to enter into Windows PE environment, and then automatically launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Advanced Setting

AOMEI OneKey Recovery offers encryption and compression function during backup. It can save your disk space, and protect your data from hacking.

If you want to protect Windows system of mulptile computers within one company, and offer profitable technical supports for inviduals or organization, we recommend you to buy and download AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician or AOMEI OneKey Recovery customization.

How to Use AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional

Easy-to-use system backup and restore tool for Windows PC and server. OneKey create a factory recovery partition in case of a system failure and press F11 or A key to enter recovery environment for system restore.

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Reviews and Users' Comments

  • Reviews

    AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a free software that can help you to create a factory recovery partition, make system backups, restore backups in case your system crashes.

    AOMEI OneKey Recovery allows you to recreate the system recovery partition with one major difference: it basically keep your data on the same partition as your ...

    AOMEI OneKey Recovery allows you to perform full system backups and secure every document you have on the hard drive.

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  • Testimonials

    Best Software for backing up and restoring Windows operating systems including Windows 10... I highly recommend it for all home users as well as business houses.

    It saved my time and frustration. My computer crashed suddenly when I was working. Thanks AOMEI OneKey Recovery. I restored my system successfully last night.

    AOMEI OneKey Recovery is awesome. Its team designed a red color UI for me. I think it is a unique and personal software belonging to me.

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