Why Backup Virtual Machine?

  • Convert virtual machine to physical computer by restoring a virtual machine to a physical computer from backup.
  • Avoid data loss before making big changes to virtual machine.
  • Backup for testing purposes or make a compressed data archive.

Hassle-free Machine Backup Solution


Automatically Running

When the backup plan is set, the backup task will be automatically executed according to your setting.

Fast Recovery

Instantly recover entire VMs, files and objects from duplicated backups with one click.

No agent installed

Simply connect to VMware, vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V and create an agentless backup task without requiring complex configuration.

Lower cost of storage and time

Automatic clean-ups, and incremental & differential backups greatly reduce storage space and backup time.

Choose your best match

Multiple backup policy modes allow you to specify what to back up and where to.

Enterprise security

The most reliable infrastructure to protect your data - both your data is in transit or at rest, and meet the security needs of your business.

Why Choose AOMEI Virtual Machine Backupper?

Full Compatibility

Compatible with the mainstream types of virtual, physical, it specializes in support for VMware, vSphere, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Easy to Use

With the user-friendly interface, connect, create task, and protect will be completed with a few clicks, as easy as ABC.

Save Worry, Save Trouble

Automatically backup system and disk by setting a schedule, and restore VMs in a flash. Release you from headache works.

Stability and Flexibility

Tested thousands of times in different environments and the success rates are up to 99%. Flexibly allocate the amount of cloud free space for backup only.


Richard Percox
It’s awesome! AOMEI Virtual Machine Backup is easy to use and able to handle granular restores as well as the entire VM backup.
AOMEI Virtual Machine Backup is indispensable for enterprise scalability, advanced replication, multiple operating system file-level restoration and advanced recovery. It's highly recommended!
Robert Fare
I have used more than 10 virtual machine backup software, and AOMEI Virtual Machine Backup is wonderful. It’s stable, ease to use, and full compatibility.