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SQL Database Backup Feature Highlights

Traditional database backup methods are usually difficult to operate, error-prone, and hard to manage.
With AOMEI SQL Server backup solution, you can simplify all of this and build your backup system effortlessly.

Scheduled Database Backup

The degree of automation in backup determines the time, human resources, and error rate you have to invest. Fortunately, we’ve made all the factors minimized with 100% automated SQL backup procedures.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Database backup is easier than ever with our automatic schedule backup for Once, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. As the crowning stroke, you can set various schedules for all computers from the console to suit different frequencies of data changes.

  • Differential & Incremental Backup

    You are allowed to schedule SQL database backup in differential or incremental mode to capture only the changed data, so that to save large chunks of time and space taken by a full backup

  • Auto Notification

    No worries of missing backup failure info and key status changes whenever you are, for we are there keeping you tuned to any malfunctions by 7/24 with automatic email alerts.

Advanced Backup Techniques

Equipped with AOMEI backup service, maintenance plan and NAS storage, our solution consumes the least backup time and storage, enabling users to conduct SQL server backups with the highest efficiency.

  • Manage Backups

    You can view the history versions and restoration records of backed-up devices. It provids a comprehensive overview of backups and enables efficient recovery.

  • SQL Server Maintenance Plan

    It allows you to perform simultaneous backups of multiple databases and schedule automated backup tasks. Additionally, you have the ability to periodically delete old backups, optimizing storage management.

  • Backup to Network

    Support to save backup files to LAN Shared Folders and other NAS devices, largely expanding your storage to your whole network devices.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Given our fastest backup decompression and recovery technology, businesses can execute SQL data recovery quickly, and restore databases from created backup tasks whenever you need.

  • High Recoverability

    With accurate backup and automatic verification as the foundation, we provide almost 100% recoverability for SQL data that has been backed up before.

  • Best Flexibility

    Users can flexibly select single or multiple databases or entire instance, and choose backup version in any time point to restore.

  • Off-Site Recovery

    Our fast recovery module enables you to easily restore any history version of your MSSQL data from one server to another.

Robust Security Control

Besides being in GDPR & Privacy Compliance and utilizing 256-bit AES Encryption for data transfer, we offer more security methods to protect your business critical MSSQL data from unauthorized and malicious access.

  • Software Auto-Logout

    A specified time of auto-logout improves security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, especially in environments where multiple users share devices or systems.

  • Backup Encryption

    When creating a backup task, encryption adds an additional layer of data protection. Further more it safeguards your data from unauthorized and malicious access.

  • Client Devices Management

    Manage the protection status and number of client computers. It also provides timely warning of abnormal performance.

Backup Your Database to Avoid Business Risks

To prevent stepping into desperate situations, it is always better to back up beforehand than to make up afterwards.

Protect Business Data

There are plenty of business data you can’t afford to lose, such as client info, business plans, technical docs and financial statements.

Prevent Security Threats

Backup is the best way to reduce losses caused by media failures, user errors, server issues and even natural disasters.

Facilitates Data Recovery

With valid MSSQL backups, you can restore lost or damaged data with simple operations, thus minimizing business downtime.

Off-Site Management

SQL backup enables you to archive a database, copy a database from one server to another, or access your data without restrictions on location.

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"There are only a few administrative staff responsible for more than 50 databases of the entire university, which is very time-consuming. AOMEI helps us easily implement extended data backup set storage, ensures the availability of data and reduces a lot of IT costs for us."


"As a large amount of data is constantly being stored, it becomes a huge project to sort and classify them. With AOMEI products, we can finally build an effective backup strategy for all these databases, files, systems. This helps us to manage and use data more efficiently with less administrative costs."


"The SQL database backup solution offers us mainstream backup types and different backup rules. It can restore our databases to a consistent state after a sudden failure, thus improving the reliability of the database and preventing data loss during the process."


"AOMEI Cyber Backup helped us back up the workbench, virtual machines and database in a unified way, avoid the risk of data loss. At the same time, it saves us time for data recovery due to emergencies, greatly improve the availability of the IT system and stabilize the normal business operation."


"We introduce AOMEI to backup and restore all TSC data, including databases, VMs and the functions save our IT staff a lot of time and management costs. Now we decided to popularize this method to teachers and students throughout the school."


"AOMEI's SQL backup solution simplifies the management steps. One terminal device can back up, and restore the managed unit. It makes the front-end data more conducive to collection and review, and the data application more convenient."

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