Country: South Africa

Industry: Printing


Weldyne Print & Plastic was established in 1952 to provide services not only for the Eastern Cape but also for customers across the country. Weldyne's professional team has more than 50 years of experience and expertise in soft PVC product manufacturing, screen printing and signage.

What Challenges Did Weldyne Face?

Lack of data security

Weldyne is mainly engaged in printing, manufacturing, etc., and is not very proficient in IT. And because of their large number of businesses and orders, a large amount of important data needs to be backed up, but their backup methods are too old to ensure data security.

Complex business environment

Our business scope involves advertising, printing, metal manufacturing, etc. Multiple virtualization platforms make our company's business system complicated and difficult to manage. We continue to use a simple and fast tool to help us solve problems.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provides Weldyne with a safe and reliable backup solution. All its business systems, virtual machines, databases, etc. have been backed up, and all backup and recovery processes will be encrypted to ensure data security is not lost.
The centralized backup solution backs up all business systems uniformly, which is convenient for IT personnel to manage data. “We also don't need to buy a license for every computer, which helps us save a lot of costs.”

The Benefits for Weldyne

  • Establish a data protection system

    AOMEI not only backs up all data, but also encrypts the backups to fully protect data security.

  • Simplified data management

    AOMEI's centralized backup management program performs unified backup and recovery of data for easy management.

  • Saved IT labor and financial costs

    Incremental and differential backups help IT staff save backup time and save a lot of IT costs for the company.

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