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Industry: Education


Texas Southmost College established in 1926, a learning-centered, service-oriented environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Texas Southmost College will be a premier community college dedicated to student success.

What Challenges Did TSC Face?

Complex legacy backup software

With the continuous growth of teaching data, traditional backup methods cannot satisfy the management of data. We continue to use a new and modern backup solution to help us realize the management of data virtualization.

Cannot back up to the cloud

TSC needs to backup a large amount of sensitive data every day, but it often takes more than ten hours to backup these data, and the absolute security of the data cannot be guaranteed. IT staff hope that there is a backup solution that can store data in cloud disks to ensure data security.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

TSC introduces AOMEI centralized backup into data management. AOMEI provides a complete set of safe and efficient backup solutions: backup, restore, restore, clone, etc. Centralized management of all TSC data, and the backup and restore functions also save IT staff a lot of time.
Data backup to the cloud enables TSC IT staff to access data on any device. And backing up local data to the cloud also provides another way to protect data. This helped TSC save a lot of data management costs, and they decided to popularize this method to teachers and students throughout the school.

The Benefits for TSC

  • Simplified data management process

    The AOMEI backup solution is easy to operate, and only one or two people can easily manage all the data.

  • 50% increase in backup speed

    It used to take more than ten hours to back up data, but now we can complete it in just two or three hours.

  • Multi-cloud backup of data

    Support data backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. to fully protect data security.

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