Country: America

Industry: Engineering


TRC was founded in 1989 as a Structural Engineering company providing support services to the Architectural community which is a company engaged in providing consultancy services in the field of civil/structural engineering design.

What Challenges Did TRC Worldwide Face?

Unstable data backup

“There are a lot of customer data and design drawings in our database. In the process of backing up data, data transmission is often unstable, such as data loss, repeated backups, etc which causes us to lose some important data.”

The process of Backing up is slow

“We back up a lot of data every week and check the previous data. When the data is lost, we will back it up again. We spend a lot of time every week to check and back up the data which reduces our work efficiency and data security.”

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

TRC Worldwide Eng probably will meet some problems like system crashes or disk fails this is the reason of unstable data backup, AOMEI can help users create a bootable media to boot their computer, and use the system backup software and the system backup image file to restore system to previous state.
AOMEI support automatic file backup function. TRC Worldwide Eng is allowed to backup files at daily/weekly/monthly followed by a specific time and don’t need to worry about data loss because of forgetting to backup your important files. More than TRC Worldwide Eng can choose to create an exact copy of all their files or backup only changes with different backup types. It’s all their decision.

The Benefits for TRC Worldwide

  • Reduce backup time

    With just a few simple steps, you can satisfied all your business backup needs, including backup servers, database, virtual machines and workstation.

  • Ensure data security

    Users could comment, compress, encrypt, split the backup task, even enable email notification to get alert after the task finished or encounter some errors, and more.

  • Manage data more efficiently

    whatever data changes happen, the file sync software will sync changes from source directory to destination directory easily and quickly.

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