Country: America

Industry: Manufacturer


Founded in 2012 in the UAE, Steel Wood Industries is an environmentally friendly and sustainable wood products manufacturer based in Dubai. It relies on sustainable and renewable natural resources as raw materials.

What Challenges Did Steelwoodindustries Face?

Availability of production systems

Seelwoodindustries is a manufacturer focused on sustainable development and has cooperation with the wooden furniture industry in Dubai. Therefore, important data such as wood-related information and the specific requirements of each partner need to be securely protected.

High risk of system downtime

As the system often encounters virus intrusion, the system shuts down. However, the traditional backup method takes nearly ten hours of time. This often affects normal production and operation. And waste a lot of manpower.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI's rich backup functions meet the requirements of steelwoodindustries for high-availability systems. Comprehensive data backup while also providing cloud backup services to further ensure data security.
By using AOMEI's backup and recovery program, the system can perform automatic backup and ensure no downtime. At the same time, incremental combined with differential backup saves backup time and can focus on production.

The Benefits for Steelwoodindustries

  • Cut backup and recovery time in half

    AOMEI's flexible backup solution accelerates the backup time, which is faster than other similar products.

  • Improved data availability

    Data security is guaranteed, thereby improving production efficiency.

  • Avoid the risk of system downtime

    A good IT system ensures the normal operation of the system and improves the quality of customer service.

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