Country: Germany

Industry: IT service


Strothmann IT located on Leipzig street, Germany, is dedicated to providing computer services and web design services. Its technical solutions have successfully assisted many customers from various industries and won wide phrase.

What Challenges Did strothmann Face?

Lack a suitable backup scheme

As a small enterprise, Strothmann IT lacked a professional data protection scheme, which is quite risky. Besides, it has got a limited budget so it can not afford the high cost data recovery offered by professional technician.

Messy data management

The company owns multiple office computers, so it would be very tedious if data on different pcs is backed up separately, possibly leading to messy data, which is not conducive to unified management and wastes storage space too.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provides three backup strategies modes: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup, which allows Strothmann IT to select suitable strategy according to demand priorities under different circumstances. Besides, it recovers data quickly with a price much cheaper than hiring professionals, greatly saving the company’s recovery cost.
By centrally backing up data on the employee's computer to a designated secure storage end the company avoids the clutter of the backup target location. AOMEI can also create backup image files of all office computers in the same LAN from a centralized management console, beneficial for the unified and centralized management of company data.

The Benefits for strothmann

  • Overall protection for data

    A variety of automatic backup methods, such as scheduled backup and real-time sync backup are available, safeguarding company’s data all-round.

  • Cut down recovery costs

    The company could quickly recover lost data due to accidents through AOMEI, without buying licenses repeatedly, which is very economical.

  • Easy to manage data centrally

    By adopting a centralized backup scheme of AOMEI to back up all office computers, the company ensures the order and security of business data.

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