Country: Slovakia

Industry: Manufacturing


SLOVAKTUAL mainly produces plastic and aluminum doors and windows. In Slovakia, it's the largest manufacturer on the market in the field of plastic windows. The company employs an average of 600 employees and has its own sales organization that supports sales.

What Challenges Did Slovaktual Face?

Complex data management

Slovaktual is engaged in the production and design of plastic windows, and has many important design drawings and information on different needs of each customer. And as the largest plastic window manufacturer in Slovakia, they have their own sales team, so there will be a large number of orders and logistics information to be managed.

Low availability of IT programs

“Our It department must ensure that users and employees can access the data and services they need at all times. At the same time, we must ensure that our dealer network is in normal operation. Therefore, we need to repair the data and system as soon as possible in the case of data corruption.” said by Miroslav Gaman.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI centralizes all the company's servers into one management console, which can automatically back up and restore all data, reducing the burden on employees and allowing more time for business services.
The backup solution provided by AOMEI can be restored from the centralized backup management console at any time after the backup is completed to reduce downtime. Provided them with a stable and reliable IT system and accelerated business growth.

The Benefits for Slovaktual

  • Improve the availability of IT systems

    AOMEI ensures that all data and programs are always available to prevent delivery delays.

  • Saved 30% operating costs

    Only one centralized backup solution is required, no need to pay for other data security services.

  • Improve data protection capabilities

    AOMEI backs up all its data in a unified manner and restores it at any time to prevent the threat of malware.

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