Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Rikkyo University was founded in 1874. The Anglican missionary Channing Moore Williams opened a private school "Rikkyo Gakuin" in a foreign settlement in Tsukiji, Tokyo. The school taught the Bible and English. This is the root of Rikkyo University today.

What Challenges Did Rikkyo Face?

Data system lacks security

“Our teaching system, teacher-student information system, and examination system all store various important data of the school's teachers and students. Once lost, they cannot be restored in a short time. And we are often attacked by malicious software.”

Backup time and labor cost are high

Our IT system needs to be available all day long. When a system crashes, we always need a lot of IT staff to spend one to two days to recover all the data. This invisibly increased our work costs. We continue a fast and safe backup solution to solve our problems.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI has backed up all the important files in the Rikkyo campus system. In order to ensure that the data is fully protected, all the data will also be backed up to USB, NAS and cloud disk drives etc. AOMEI also supports the setting of scheduled backups, which will automatically back up data according to the plan to prevent data loss when a disaster strikes.
In order to fully save the backup time of IT personnel, the incremental and differential backup provided by AOMEI can back up the newly added or different data from the previous backup task. And the backup speed is fast, which saves the time of IT staff.

The Benefits for Rikkyo

  • Ensure the availability of teaching data

    AOMEI's reliable backup and recovery solution achieves data availability.

  • Backup speed increased by 50%

    Various flexible automatic backup schemes greatly save the time of data backup.

  • Reduced the risk of cyber threats

    AOMEI has established a comprehensive data protection system, and data will be backed up before disaster strikes.

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