Qianguli company is located in Taiwan, China. It was founded in 1990.Mainly engaged in air-conditioning equipment sales, installation, construction, repair and maintenance, and has a large customer base.The company upholds the concept of sustainable operation and pursues business growth.

What Challenges Did QianGuLi Company Face?

Data loss affects company operations

Because of the improper operation of the employees, the customer's information and the company’s important forms are often lost, and even a mistake leads to the loss of technical documents. These will have a great impact on our work.

Data redundancy and hard to manage

We have to save a large amount of data every day, and sometimes it cannot be updated or deleted in time. Therefore, there are too many data in the database. We need a larger data backup space to meet the demand.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Centralized Backup Edition which provides a simple way to create, encrypt, compress, split, and check the backup image files of all client computers in the same LAN from a centralized management console and real-time monitoring of the entire backup process without data loss.
AOMEI supports partition backup which means in the process of backing up data, Qianguli company can store system files in the system partition and the working files may be stored in the D partition according to its own needs, which is conducive to efficient data management.

The Benefits for Qianguli company

  • Friendly to non-professionals

    Some business is unlikely to hire IT service providers so to help users getting start quickly is the primary feature of the software.

  • Top backup succeed rate

    The best way to boost efficiency is to achieve top backup and restore succeed rate, eliminating repeated attempt.

  • Effective use of storage space

    Multiple destinations to backup efficiently put existing storage space into use, reduce users unnecessary storage expenses.

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