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Penn View Bible Institute is a nationally accredited 4-year Bible College since its beginning in 1966. It is located on 50 beautiful acres in rural Penns Creek in the central part of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and is governed by God's Missionary Church.

What Challenges Did Penn View Bible Institute Face?

Worrisome website data loss

As the Internet develops, hacker attacks are also increasing, and websites of the Institute encounter data loss more frequently. The security of the official website is not only related to faculty information safety, but also to the reputation of the school.

Long system recovery time

There is very important office system, integrated publishing system and other servers in the computer room of the school. When these key systems accidentally failed, it takes the school several hours even days to return to normal state.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The database on the website is fully backed up on a regular basis so the website can be quickly restored to the normal state after the occurrence of unexpected situations such as data loss or system crash, which reliably ensures the digital operation of the school in website management, publicity and education.
The system is backed up and restored at the sector level, which is five times faster than the file level backup. It only takes tens of minutes to restore the system to normal state. Besides, hot backup is available, so the Institute can complete system backup without restarting the computer or interrupting system operation.

The Benefits for Penn View Bible Institute

  • Protect website data security

    It not only increases the security and stability of the official website of the college, but also ensures its work efficiency.

  • Saving labour expenditure

    The school could utilize automatic incremental backup, easily realize unattended backup after configuring tasks and saves manpower costs.

  • Faster system recovery

    The restore process after backing up the system eliminates the trouble of re-installation. It only takes tens of minutes to recovery the system.

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