Country: America

Industry: Non-profit


Phoenix Dream Center was established in 2002 and is a non-profit organization centered on Christ. Their mission is to stop human trafficking, eliminate childhood hunger and educate tomorrow's leaders.

What Challenges Did Phoenix Dream Center Face?

Data is at risk of loss

Phoenix Dream Center has more than 300 community service centers around the world. Volunteers need to pay attention to system programs and data at all times. If the data is lost, the information of the rescued and the donor will be missed.

Slow backup time

The community was established earlier, and has been using old-style backup tools until now. The backup time is very slow, and it takes nearly a day each time. This caused a lot of trouble to IT staff. We don't have that much manpower spent on IT backup.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The centralized backup management solution provided by AOMEI helps us back up the system, disks, virtual machines, etc., so that we can access the information of the rescued and donors throughout the day and ensure that we can provide them with timely services.
AOMEI's backup program will help Phoenix Dream Center automatically back up important data, and can also choose differential backup and incremental backup as needed, thereby saving a lot of backup time.

The Benefits for Phoenix Dream Center

  • Ensure the availability and stability of data

    Employees can provide timely and effective assistance to rescuers and donors.

  • Maintain normal business operations

    Increased backup and recovery speed by 50%

  • Achieved humanitarian services

    All past and existing data are effectively protected and managed.

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