Country: America

Industry: Education


Founded in 1740, Penn is a private Ivy League research university. Its research tradition has supplemented and shaped the innovation of higher education in history. And it has cultivated many alumni who stand out in the fields of science, academics, politics, military, art and media.

What Challenges Did Penn Face?

Data is complex and easy to lose

"The huge amount of data comes from the efforts of all our colleges and teachers in various subjects. These valuable resources need to be transmitted to the terminal server and integrated. However, due to manual management, occasionally data loss and forgotten backups have occurred."

Origin backup solution is outdated

The original backup solution couldn't fully meet its needs, and slowed down its data transmission and retrieval speed in many aspects, such as stuffs usually check the backup results, and the redundancy of backup files caused the system slower, which brought a negative impact on their daily work.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

By adding annotations to backups by AOMEI, Penn can effectively classify educational resources. In addition, it can also set the backup time according to its own backup habits, and AOMEI will start automatic backup when the condition is triggered. It reduces the IT team's daily classification time and the situation of forgetting to back up.
Multiple backup methods to meet Penn's needs. The differential backup reduces the repetitive accumulation of the original backup and makes the system space allocation more reasonable. After the backup is over, IT administrators can also view the backup log and receive the backup results. Transparent backup makes data management smarter.

The Benefits for Penn

  • Strengthened its management of data

    The transparency of the backup process and the addition of annotations to the backup make data management easier.

  • Save backup time and staff energy

    Automatic backup frees employees from daily backups, allowing them more time to deal with other things.

  • Make its backup plan more flexible

    A variety of backup methods are available to choose from, meeting Penn's multiple needs for data backup.

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