Country: America

Industry: Education


Founded in 1974, Pellissippi State Community College is a vital institution accustomed to transformation and growth. It has expanded the teaching of technology, the use of technology in instruction, and the transfer of technology to local business and industry in support of regional economic development.

What Challenges Did PSC College Face?

The backup error occurs frequently

With the expansion of the college, the daily data generated are increasing day by day. In the face of new data updates, the original backup process of Pellissippi State Community College's data is prone to omissions, target placement errors, damage, and so on.

Weak in preventing protential threats

"Our IT system terminal stores all important school records and teaching information of hundreds of teachers and students. We urgently need a shortcut to prevent all data disasters, so that we can better fulfill our responsibility of protecting teachers and students."

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI allows it to rename the backed up data to help them better classify and reduce the error rate of backups. Incremental and differential backup make its data nowhere to escape, ensuring that the data of Pellissippi State Community College is backed up to the target disk safely and completely. Reduced 95% of backup errors.
Clone to hard disk, sync to cloud, backup to external storage and other functions give its data more layers of protection, effectively strengthening its data protection capabilities. When facing external threats, it provides tougher solutions and reduces the burden of IT staff to check potential threats frequently.

The Benefits for PSC College

  • Reduce backup error rate

    The renaming of backup files and optional backup methods provide a guarantee for the effective classification and integrity of the data.

  • Reduce potential threats to data

    A variety of backup methods provide more protection for important information to prevent external attacks from causing data disasters.

  • Reduce the pressure on the IT department

    The intelligent and comprehensive backup function makes its IT staff more comfortable when facing data problems.

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