Country: Germany

Industry: Public Service


Planenunddarstellen is a construction service provider, providing customers with heating, plumbing, ventilation, electronic equipment design planning and services.

What Challenges Did Planenunddarstellen Face?

Wide range of business data

We are committed to providing users with a better living environment. Each customer's room structure diagram, facility planning diagram and related material information are our important data. However, we cannot avoid the risk of data loss due to natural disasters.

Ensure data availability

The availability of data is their biggest challenge. Data recovery takes a long time for them. Customers and partners do not have time to wait for them to complete the recovery, which will seriously affect Planenunddarstellen’s reputation.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Centralized Backupper backed up all the Planenunddarstellen’s design drawings, material requirements and other important data, and the centralized console can remotely manage all their computers and monitor the backup situation in real time. Planenunddarstellen no longer has to worry about data loss.
Employees can choose the files they need to back up, and the system will automatically back up and synchronize the newly backed up files to all computers, reducing a lot of backup time and labor costs. IT staff will save a lot of time to do other business-related work.

The Benefits for Planenunddarstellen

  • Protect important data and reduce the risk

    AOMEI backs up all its data so that it can recover quickly even in the face of uncontrollable disasters.

  • Save staff time and improve work efficiency

    The centralized console can remotely control all computers, saving a lot of backup time.

  • Improved its brand image and customer credibility

    Provide users with better services based on real-time updated data.

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