Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Osaka University of Commerce, located in Osaka Prefecture of Japan, is a private college with a tradition of 90 years of practical education and 70 years of university education. The origin was founded in 1928 as Osaka Joto School of Commerce by Noboru Tanioka.

What Challenges Did Osaka University of Commerce Face?

Unavailable data backup

Although the traditional backup products used by this university can complete the backup task, it is found that the data cannot be used or the data is disordered due to inconsistency or unstable data state after restoring the data.

Access denied error

The administrator frequently receives the error of denying access to a certain file during the backup process. Consequently, the administrator is unable to back up the file or needs to close the process occupying the file.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Backupper embeds and uses the hot backup function by default. It not only uses VSS technology but also independently develops advanced volume snapshot technology to realize hot backup. The two hot backup methods coexist so as to provide guarantee for the University data backup to a great extent.
Hot backup function of AOMEI can combine the operating system with the application program. When the data state is stable and consistent, the operating system notifies the backup program to take a snapshot at this time point, and then backup program completes the backup task with stable and consistent state.

The Benefits for Osaka University of Commerce

  • Simpler operation steps

    The backup process of operating system or and data can be completed without interrupting the program operation or restarting the computer.

  • Worry-free data backup

    When college staff use hot backup function, they can successfully back up files, programs, etc. and there will be no error of denying access.

  • Easy data recovery solution

    When system crashes or virus attack happen, staff can recovery the precious files from backup quickly, fully protecting data security.

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