Country: Spain

Industry: IT Service


Nexus5 was founded in Madrid in 1995, and its dynamic team has great flexibility, close coordination and better response time. It has been providing services to companies and individuals in various fields, such as application development, process simulation and control, network solutions or web design and programming.

What Challenges Did Nexus5 Face?

Backup data was easily damaged

“As IT experts, we deal with data every day. But it is inevitable that there will be irreversible dilemmas. The most frustrating thing is to track and repair a damaged piece of data from a huge backup library. This will waste a lot of our time, and even drain our patience.”

Insufficient IT system memory

As a large amount of data is constantly being stored, the burden on its IT system is getting heavier. Its employees often suffer from computer stuck machines in their daily work. However, it is a huge project to sort and classify the entire data, and it has been delayed repeatedly by its busy work.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI completes the backup synchronization task in real time by following its set instructions. And send an email to its IT management staff after the backup is completed to ensure perfect results and reduce data loss or damage. Before the backup, IT staff can also make notes on the backup files to facilitate backup file management and reduce backup file search time.
Nexus5 transferred the backup image to external storage through AOMEI, freeing up a lot of system memory space. At the same time, files are backed up to NAS and cloud disks, providing multiple protections for data protection. AOMEI's incremental and differential backups also make daily backups away from repetitive backup tasks and reduce the burden on the system.

The Benefits for Nexus5

  • Strengthen the management of backup data

    The integrity of the backup data and the annotations to the data during the backup make it easy to face large amounts of data.

  • Improved the service quality of Nexus5

    The perfect control of all data allows it to call important data at any time and provide customers with higher-quality IT services.

  • Reduced the burden of IT system operation

    A variety of backup methods for its choice improve its rational use of IT systems, and release memory space to speed up system operation.

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