Country: France

Industry: Education


Netframe-IT located in Berlin enjoys a high reputation not only in the region but also throughout the country. Over the years, it has valued service-oriented and personalized support for customers. It provides customers with IT planning and implementation, maintenance, safety and emergency services.

What Challenges Did Netframe-IT Face?

Data backup takes a long time

"We have a regular comprehensive backup check once a week. At this time, we will review and classify all data. Although all data will be backed up every day, there will also be problems with data corruption and loss. Not only that, the inspection time also occupies most of our time."

Hard to inspect and retrieve data

The massive data makes it difficult for Netframe to find a tiny record. The backup files are difficult to retrieve and directly use the data. This greatly increased the difficulty of finding key data when it faced solving customer problems, and slowed down the development of its business.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Backup is smart and fast. Netframe can selectively back up data in just a few steps. Not only that, Netframe can also customize the backup trigger conditions, such as automatic backup when the computer is turned off every day, which will not take up its daily work time. After the backup is completed, the backup result email will be sent to it.
Netframe can rename the data and even edit comments during the backup. The backup data can be retrieved according to the keywords of the backup file. In addition, AOMEI also supports viewing and previewing the backup images, which enhances its data management capabilities and makes the completion of its business more smoothly.

The Benefits for Netframe-IT

  • Reduced the time taken for backup at work

    AOMEI automatically backs up accroding to setting scheme, avoiding spending a lot of time backing up during work.

  • Improved its management of data growth

    Rename and preview backup files make management more flexible, and it becomes more effective to control and use data.

  • Promoted the business proccess of Netframe

    It can offer services in time by obtaining the previous records immediately, making the business to proceed more smoothly.

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