Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Founded in 1964, National Institute of Technology, Miyakonojo College is a unique higher education institution in Japan that provides 5-year comprehensive education for junior middle school graduates. It is located in Yoshio Town, Miyazaki county.

What Challenges Did Miyakonojo College Face?

Laborious system re-installation

Usually, whether the bare metal or the computer system crashes, staff of the college will restore the computer by reinstalling the system, which means they also have to reinstall the software required for teaching and office. The process may take hours to days.

Repetitive backups waste space

Most important data that requires to be backed up in the university is constantly changing, while part of it may be fixed or changed occasionally. Backing up unchanged data at each data backup progress takes plenty of times and wastes much storage.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Through bare metal recovery, the installation of computer system and business software can be completed in half an hour or a few minutes, and the installation teaching programs can be quickly deployed at the same time, so as to greatly help the school improve the efficiency of system installation, system recovery and normal operation of teaching business.
With the incremental backup function of AOMEI, only the modified and added data files are backed up, which greatly improves the speed of backup and reduces the repeatability of data. In addition, combined with high-intensity data compression technology, AOMEI can eliminate data duplication, greatly saving storage space.

The Benefits for Miyakonojo College

  • Reduce system downtime

    Even if the system is completely damaged, the system can be quickly restored to operation, shortening teaching business downtime.

  • Saving time and storage

    It saves much time and storage space to back up the changed and newly added data based on the first full backup via incremental backup.

  • Multiple backup methods

    Except incremental backup, full backup and differential backup can also be used. The multiple choices makes data backup more intelligent and convenient.

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