Country: Germany

Industry: IT Service


Lesch-it is an IT service company established in 2008. Designed to make customers absolutely satisfied. Their clients mainly include medium-sized enterprises, medical, schools and private clients.

What Challenges Did Lesch-it Face?

Build a new IT architecture

Lesch-it hopes to update the old infrastructure, and many of its customers have encountered similar problems. Moreover, the current IT structure will consume a lot of costs, which is disadvantageous for the long-term development of many companies.

Business continuity is challenged

Lesch-it often provides IT solutions for some medical institutions and schools. Maintaining network data security is of paramount importance to them. They need a powerful data management tool with reliable backup and recovery functions.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provided Lesch-it with data backup, recovery, disaster recovery, and backup to cloud drives. Improved its old-style IT infrastructure, allowing it to solve customer IT problems more quickly and effectively, while saving a lot of IT costs.
For medical institutions and schools, they need a simple and safe backup tool. Lesch-it recommended AOMEI to them. Whether it is system or disk backup, AOMEI can easily solve it, and data recovery is also very reliable.

The Benefits for Lesch-it

  • Reduced the IT costs

    The new IT infrastructure ensures the security of the system and data and saves costs.

  • The variety of services is enriched

    AOMEI helped Lesch-It expand its business and provided its customers with a new cloud backup service.

  • Ensure business continuity

    Reliable backup and recovery solutions help customers solve data security issues and ensure the normal operation of their business.

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