Country: Germany

Industry: Investment


Jans Group is a family investment company. For more than 20 years, the entire group company has been focusing on overall building safety solutions. A single customer project based on highly integrated internal solutions, based on maximizing customer satisfaction.

What Challenges Did Jans Group Face?

Low data protection efficiency

Jans Group designs many business areas and services, and each service is equipped with a different virtual machine. However, traditional backup solutions cannot ensure the data security of each virtual machine. Therefore, we urgently need a safe and efficient data management program.

Slow backup and restore speed

For Jans Group, improving the availability of data is currently the most critical. They need to find a way that has fast backup and restore performance and is simple and easy to use for colleagues. Need to rely on the time saved by backup to speed up the business.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The AOMEI centralized backup management solution remotely controls all computers through a centralized console. Effectively manage the data of each business, and provide data migration, system backup and other functions to protect the data security of the system in all aspects.
Smart backup solution. Incremental backup and differential backup help reduce the time and space of backup. And the centralized console can perform centralized backup of all data, which saves nearly half of the time compared to the normal backup program.

The Benefits for Jans Group

  • Data management is optimized

    The data is unified and centralized management, which is convenient for IT personnel to manage the data of each business.

  • Business progress is smoother

    AOMEI's backup solution improves the previous complex data management and makes the progress of each business smoother.

  • 45% increase in backup speed

    Flexible incremental and differential backups save a lot of time and space for data backup.

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