Country: Canada

Industry: IT service


ITopia Corporation, founded in 2003, is a team of highly skilled IT specialists dedicated to superior client service. Managed IT Services and Consulting,Data Centre Services and Virtualization and so on are served by it.

What Challenges Did ITopia Face?

High data management costs

The daily updates of its product data and customer records need to be protected, so they need to spend extra time every day to determine whether the backed up data is intact. In addition, in order to meet different backup needs, they also consume their time and money in the selection of backup schemes.

Data takes up a lot of space

Increasing data gradually occupies a large amount of system memory. Although it cleans the system and replaces disks on time to obtain greater storage capacity, IT staff are doing these tasks more and more frequently. The computer's performance and operating speed have also been greatly affected.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI has a variety of backup methods to choose from, such as system, partition backup, incremental, differential backup, etc., to fully meet its backup needs. In order to ensure the success of the backup task, the backup logs and results can be consulted and obtained in time, avoiding unnecessary losses during the backup process.
The difference and incremental backup greatly reduces the repeated backup of data and saves part of the storage space. It also completes data migration through functions such as backing up to a secure cloud and external storage devices, reducing the operating pressure of the computer server, and thereby improving the performance of the computer system.

The Benefits for ITopia

  • Reduced data management costs

    AOMEI provides the most cost-effective backup solution, reducing the time it spends on daily backup by 80%.

  • Provides comprehensive protection of data

    The comprehensive backup method and full transparency of the backup process allow its data to be fully protected.

  • Improved the performance of IT systems

    Data cleaning and reasonable management release a large amount of memory in the system. Increased its operating speed.

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