Country: Germany

Industry: IT Service


IT2media GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies providing IT solutions for media and publishing houses, with decades of experience and capabilities, and provides customers with an IT infrastructure that is fully suitable for their business.

What Challenges Did IT2media Face?

Lack of centralized data management

The data management solution we provide is to help users solve the problem of multiple and repetitive data. But because we ourselves collect and process a lot of data every day, and we need to ensure the safety of these important data. So we hope to centrally manage and back up data.

IT solutions are not perfect

In response to the needs of users for data security in recent years, the IT services we provide have not been able to help users solve problems well. And cloud backup is a new backup method that is currently more concerned. We hope that we can make some attempts in cloud backup.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Manage all computers in the local area network by using a centralized console. We only need one or two IT staff to easily manage and set up backup tasks on all computers. AOME I saves us a lot of time to do other business.
AOMEI supports backing up data to other cloud disks to ensure data security. It also saves local backup space. IT2media combines this solution with its own SAP cloud to provide users with fast and personalized services.

The Benefits for IT2media

  • Save time in data management

    Centralized data management makes it easier for us to process data and saves backup and recovery time.

  • Easily backup data to the cloud

    Data transfer and backup from local to cloud and cloud to cloud.

  • Fast recovery of critical data

    AOMEI's data protection solution can quickly restore local data to meet current needs.

Get Enterprise Backup Solutions for Your Critical Data

Simple and reliable AOMEI backup solution for business data, workstations, server, virtual machine, database protection.

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