Country: America

Industry: Education


Herzing University is a private university with its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and several locations throughout the United States. The university offers degrees in professions including nursing, technology, business and healthcare.

What Challenges Did Herzing University Face?

High data security requirements

In order to meet the needs of modern teaching, Herzing University has invested a lot of funds in network construction. Since its normal operation highly depends on the network system, data reliability and security are required to reach a higher level.

Data loss hinders learning

Campus systems operation like the borrowing of books and management of student information is related to data all the time. System failure, data loss and other common accidents will not only affect of students’ daily life, but also have a direct influence on the normal work of the school.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

After installing the AOMEI Backupper, it can automatically run according to the formulated task plan to directly back up student information, college materials and various college application systems, etc. to specified destination, which can truly ensure data security and uninterrupted work of Herzing University.
Complete backup is the basis of data security. With a regular and all-round backup, once disasters such as viruses and malware happen, the college can use the File Restore function of AOMEI to recover the files/folders that are lost or damaged to the original state.

The Benefits for Herzing University

  • Greatly improved data security

    Nowadays, Herzing University can back up data comprehensively in a faster speed and more stable manner, reducing the risk of data loss.

  • Orderly backup and more space

    Backups are automatically classified according to the time, and redundant backup sets will be deleted, solving backup disorder and disk space waste.

  • Ensure normal school work

    With the double insurance of data backup and recovery, the work of Herzing University can be carried out in a stable and smooth state.

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