Country: America

Industry: Education


Granger School District is located in rural eastern Washington in the southern Yakima valley.Approximately 1500 students at the Early Childhood Education Program, Roosevelt Elementary, Granger Middle School and Granger High School.

What Challenges Did Granger School District Face?

Serious data loss

Due to the instability of our system, it often cause system crashes and virus attacks and resulting in data loss easily, which greatly affects the security of our key data and the continuity of business operations.

Database needs greater storage support

Since we back up a large number of teaching materials and teachers and students'files, we need a more secure and powerful backup storage space to protect our data from being damaged and we can quickly find the data we need.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI supports automatic backups, system backups, disk backups, partition backups, etc, for better save costs and ensure data security, and provide real-time alerts for all backup tasks to let users know the backup situation at the first time.
AOMEI Backup's incremental backup, differential backup mechanism and high-density data compression algorithm make the backup data take up less storage space for Granger School and group management of each computer that needs to be backed up, allowing users to quickly find the data they need.

The Benefits for Granger School District

  • Reduce backup time

    Automatic backup greatly reduces the backup time to frees your hands.

  • Convenient and simple operation

    Users can simple and easy to use, greatly reducing management and learning costs.

  • Monitor backup process in real time

    Obtain real-time backup status and alerts through email notifications, log reports, error messages, etc. during the backup process.

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