Country: Germany

Industry: IT service


GIMPL-IT SOLUTIONS is an IT service provider from Amberg, the Upper Palatinate. It helps customers quickly plan and implement new IT infrastructure, repair IT devices and so on in their IT environment with affordable prices.

What Challenges Did GIMPL-IT SOLUTIONS Face?

Severe data risk

GIMPL is a small enterprise with relatively limited funds which focuses on business development. It did not hire professionals to build a data protection system, so it has more severe risk than those with complete data protection scheme.

Insufficient data protection

According to statistics, previous data loss events of GIMPL is mainly due to artificial deletion by mistake. Disk damage, and network attacks are also the common causes of data loss. It turns out that data backup can effectively avoid data loss.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The staff backs up and manages all computer data within the company through AOMEI, preventing network attacks, hardware damage, accidental deletion and other problems that may cause data loss. AOMEI also provides many backup methods such as disk or partition index backup so as to ensure the safety of enterprise data.
AOMEI applies set of NAS hardware of high security to protect the stored data. Backing up the data to NAS makes sharing more convenient and data recovery easier. Besides, the shortened time of data recovery can enable GIMPL to resume normal business as soon as possible.


  • Economical backup service

    GIMPL obtains professional, safe and affordable backup services of AOMEI, and can easily recover data with fast speed caused by accidents.

  • Enhanced data protection

    IT technician of GIMPL now could build multiple disks into raid through NAS. Hence, even if the disk is damaged, the data is still safe.

  • Release storage space

    GIMPL saves backup storage space by automatically deleting the old backup image according to its specified demands and solutions offered by AOMEI.

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