Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Hamamatsu Gakugei Junior High School/High School is located in Hamamatsu of Japan. It is a private school founded by Shinai Gakuen in October 1902 with the second oldest tradition in Shizuoka Prefecture.

What Challenges Did HGJHS Face?

Hard to schedule backup

System failures causing data loss usually occur when staff shut down the computer. Backing up data before turning off the computer works, but it’s difficult to schedule backup tasks with a fixed time since time for finishing work is uncertain.

Lack available disk space

As the new campus establishes and the enrollment increases, the school needs to back up plenty of data, which consumes much disk space, increasing its economic cost. The school hopes to effectively back up these data with an affordable solution.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

In addition to the basic schedule backups by daily, weekly or monthly, AOMEI also can detect specific events including user logon/logoff and system startup/shutdown, and create a backup when they occur. Even it is hard to determine when work will be finished, or staff wouldn’t like to waiting for backup to be completed, the backup task can be done automatically.
AOMEI backed the school’s data to external hard drive with a super fast speed. Normally, hard drive only needs to be connected to the computer via USB ports and backup tasks could be started. Backing data up to external or cloud allows the school perfectly solves its trouble that backup images in large sizes takes too much disk space.

The Benefits for HGJHS

  • Release from manual works

    HGJHS reduces the trouble of forgetting to back up data by setting as scheduled or event-triggered to back up system and all files automatically.

  • Cut down storage costs

    The school now has multiple destinations for data backup, efficiently put existing storage space into use and reduced storage expenses.

  • Protect backed up data

    The images backed up to external hard drive would not be affected by operating system issues, internal hard drive errors, or human errors.

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