Country: America

Industry: Investment Group


Elron has participated in the development history of more than 30 companies and is considered one of the cornerstones of Israel's high-tech industry since 1962. Medical equipment, network security, information technology and others fields are focused on by Elron.

What Challenges Did Elron Enterprises Face?

Data processing speed is slow and easily damaged

“A large amount of data will be fed back to us from inside and outside the group, the backup system we used before is slow and requires human supervision, but occasionally there still were accidents of important file damage, which seriously reduced the efficiency of our work.”

Data is miscellaneous and needs to be confidential

The fields involved are diverse. Their IT stuffs creates different disks to distinguish data. The backup plan of each disk is also different, and the importance of the data is also dissimilar, and the original backup solution cannot meet their needs.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The simple and concise operation interface makes the backup easier. IT staffs also set up actions to trigger backup, and AOMEI runs automatically in the background. Incremental backup and differential backup greatly shorten the backup time, and different backups provide a more complete data protection solution to prepare for emergencies.
IT stuffs can customize the backup object such as freely choose to back up the system, partition, or file. And the perfect cloning function allows the IT team to have a more effective solution in the face of system disasters, besides AOMEI can encrypt the backup data to protect business secrets.

The Benefits for Elron Enterprises

  • Save labor costs

    Intelligent backup allows IT employees to smoothly finish backup tasks with just a few clicks, saving manpower and backup time.

  • Enhance Elron ability to response to system disaster

    Powerful functions protect data from all aspects, prevent system crashes and damage to important files.

  • High-strength encryption improves data privacy

    AOMEI uses high-strength encryption technology to keep Elron away from data leakage and improve the data security protection system.

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