Country: America

Industry: Chemical


Element Solutions is a global diversified specialty chemicals company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for several large and growing end markets to improve daily life products.

What Challenges Did Element Solutions Inc Face?

Overall protection of data

We are committed to providing users with the highest quality and most environmentally friendly services, and we focus on innovation and sustainable development. Therefore, we must protect our innovative IT system and our quarterly financial statements.

Long recovery time

They attach great importance to the cultivation of talents, and hope that employees can continue to grow and innovate when entering the company, and provide better services to customers. They don't want employees to spend all their time on data recovery, which is a waste of time.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Centralized Backupper first centralized back up all their company's systems, virtual machine financial tables and other information. Reduce the risk of data loss.
Incremental backup and differential backup provided by AOMEI allows backup changed data since the last backup task. This can save much time and space to backup for Element Solutions.
With authorized access to the centralized console, after the backup is completed, the data will be automatically restored and the backup results will be reported via email, without the need for dedicated staff to pay attention to the backup process at any time.

The Benefits for Element Solutions Inc

  • Prevent leakage of confidential information

    AOMEI backed up all their innovative ideas and related data.

  • Reduce unnecessary labor costs

    Professional backup solutions help employees save more working time.

  • Ensure business continuity

    AOMEI provides good data protection, freeing up the interruption between business.

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