Country: America

Industry: IT service


Digital 1 Group is an IT company devoted to search engine optimization (SEO) solutions that are designed exclusively for customers’ business needs and goals. It has won many high praise and loyal customers with transparent operating environment and effective SEO solutions.

What Challenges Did Digital 1 Group Face?

Business interruption and losses

Business of Digital 1 had to be suspended because a burst failure of the system occurred and the data was at risk of loss. It takes time to check and repair the server system while Digital1 is faced with losses if database is unavailable.

An incomplete file backup plan

The original data backup scheme of Digital 1 has many defects, resulting in repeated backup or omitted data in work, which increase of risk of data and also causes lot of inconvenience and even losses to the company's business.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The function of data backup and disaster recovery can effectively protect its data from losses. With the useful tool "Recovery Environment" system backup restore operations can be easily performed to minimize the group’s business losses when the operating system crashes or other unexpected disaster happens.
Besides, Schedule Backup function of AOMEI Backup can greatly help the group create backups at a lesser frequency with multiple backup schedules. Also it is able to backup PCs and Servers in a more advanced and secure way. Though the data on hard drive varies each day it could be timely backed up with AOMEI Backupper.

The Benefits for Digital 1 Group

  • Strengthened data risk prevention

    In case of data loss caused by system failure, the group is able to ensure data security and business continuity with data recovery function.

  • Improved effective backup plan

    Now the group is allowed to backup specified files or folders to an image file to prevent data loss while using less backup space and time.

  • Further protection for data

    When something unfavorable happens, the staff can restore files easily from regular files sync, providing an insurance for important data.

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