Country: Germany

Industry: IT Service


Citrotec is a company specializing in computer support and services. Provide users with comprehensive IT support, protect users' IT security, and provide all kinds of hardware and software that users need. Is a partner of many individual users and enterprises.

What Challenges Did Citrotec Face?

Greater risk of data loss

“Many companies face cyber attacks, and we are no exception. After being threatened by system crashes, viruses, and disk failures, we often worry that some of our business data and customer information will be lost. We don't want to take such risks anymore.”

Lack of a secure cloud environment

Now companies and users are looking for more secure and reliable IT suppliers. And our outdated IT infrastructure can no longer meet the needs of customers. We need a secure backup solution that can effectively execute cloud-to-cloud.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provides automatic backup that can be triggered by an event. In the event of a network attack, AOMEI will automatically back up your system and important files. And it supports functions such as system and disk restore. So that Citrotec does not suffer the risk of data loss.
The secure cloud backup solution provided by AOMEI supports data backup from one cloud disk to another cloud disk, and does not limit the size and number of files. Enterprises and individual users can safely store data in the cloud.

The Benefits for Citrotec

  • Secure data protection platform

    AOMEI can immediately backup and restore data in the event of a cyber attack.

  • Secure cloud backup service

    The cloud backup solution meets customers' requirements for data security.

  • Reduce storage costs

    Combine free space of multiple cloud disks for backup.

Get Enterprise Backup Solutions for Your Critical Data

Simple and reliable AOMEI backup solution for business data, workstations, server, virtual machine, database protection.

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