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ASC1 is an On-site service and remote service provider with over 15 years of experience in the computer service industry, serving Mecklenburg county and surrounding areas, home and small business.

What Challenges Did ASC1 Face?

Potential data loss risk

A virus in one computer may cause multiple infected computers in the enterprise. In addition, data loss risk could be caused by error deletion, software failure and sudden disaster which will hinder the company's business.

Hard to monitor backup status

Although the backup task is arranged, the company staff are unable to monitor backup status and progress in real time. It is difficult to take timely measures when backup is interrupted, resulting in inefficient backup.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provides ASC1 with a storage device composed of disk array, so as to centrally store data and protect data security efficiently. Its five backup strategies can meet a variety of different needs of the company and improve its ability to resist the risk of data loss.
In order to promote the smooth progress of backup tasks, AOMEI offers real-time alerts for all backup tasks. Staff can be informed of backup status through many methods, such as e-mail notification and error message, which is convenient for them to control the backup progress and take measures in time.

The Benefits for ASC1

  • Trusty backup assistant

    With fast backup speed and simple operation of AOMEI, ASC1 reduces backup time and cost, strictly prevents blackmail virus.

  • Promote business development

    ASC1 saves data recovery time and reduces maintenance costs and business losses with data security protected by AOMEI.

  • Easy to monitor backup

    The real-time messages enable the staff to learn about the data backup process and effectively manage the backup tasks.

Get Enterprise Backup Solutions for Your Critical Data

Simple and reliable AOMEI backup solution for business data, workstations, server, virtual machine, database protection.

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