Country: China

Industry: Manufacturing


Temp Pal comes from iWEECARE, a team established in 2014, with members mostly from software and hardware manufacturing, medical, and cloud-related fields and ccumulate diversified integration capabilities and rich experience in related fields.

What Challenges Did iWEECARE Face?

Difficulties in data management

Nowadays, more and more media are used to store data. The floppy disks, tapes, and optical disks produced under various systems will bring great difficulties to management and historical data retention is more difficult.

Data fragmentation

Data loss is inevitable; data is scattered on different machines and different applications, management is scattered, and security cannot be guaranteed; it is difficult to achieve efficient online backup of database data.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Hierarchical storage management can automatically move infrequently used data to slower discs, while the least frequently used data is moved to tapes. These are all set by the system administrator to help iWEECARE easily distinguish infrequently used data to achieve effective management.
Centralized backup help iWEECARE management, and control of all computer data backups in the enterprise on one computer. Through the five major methods of system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup, and file synchronization, the problem of data fragmentation is solved, and all data is processed centrally, which saves time and is convenient manage.

The Benefits for iWEECARE

  • High availability

    Perform disaster recovery quickly, or take the initiative to avoid downtime to ensure the continuity of business operations.

  • Complete protection of data

    Keep all company data protected, no matter what technology iWEECARE use or how much data has.

  • Multiple ways to manage data

    No matter is the massive data or scattered, AOMEI’s various data management solutions helped iWEECARE reduce the burden.

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