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AnsweredWhat Happens When Recycle Bin Is Full?

Best Answered by Penny September 19, 2023

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By default, Microsoft Windows 95 and all subsequent versions allocate approximately 10% of your computer’s accessible disk space for retaining recently deleted files. Then you can restore accidentally/recently deleted files from the desktop Recycle Bin directly.

So what happens when Recycle Bin is full on Windows 10? As this temporary storage place becomes full, Windows operating systems will automatically remove your deleted files from hard drives rather than send them to your desktop Recycle Bin

In short, you may fail to find your accidentally/recently deleted files in the Recycle Bin.

However, if these deleted files mean a lot to you, you can recover them from hard drives by restoring regular file backups or seeking help from Windows data recovery software.

Since few users have developed a good habit of creating backups, powerful third-party tools might be the only efficient way. Please stop writing new data to your PC for a higher Windows data recovery rate.

Supported by its advanced scanning method and high data recovery rate, MyRecover is designed to recover deleted and lost files from internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, etc.

MyRecover - Professional Windows Data Recovery Software

Recover 200+ file formats from HDDs, USBs, SD cards, etc.

After clicking Start Scan, MyRecover will automatically run Quick Scan and Deep Scan to detect all the recoverable files on your selected drive. During scanning, you can filter and preview your desired files according to file format, filename, path, size, etc.

1Step 1. Install and launch MyRecover on your Windows > select the drive that contains your wanted files before data loss > click Start Scan.

2Step 2. MyRecover automatically displays different types of all the retrievable files on the window. To quickly locate your needed files, you can filter and preview them.

3Step 3. Under the Deleted Files/Recycle Bin/Missing Files folder, choose the file you want > click Recover x files.

Besides, if you want your desktop Recycle Bin to keep cycling deleted files, you could manually empty your Recycle Bin to release the limited disk space. To prevent further data loss, please recheck your desktop Recycle Bin before emptying.

You can also customize the storage size of your Recycle Bin to keep more deleted files.

👉 Right-click on the desktop Recycle Bin icon > click Properties > set the storage size > click Apply > OK to save your modifications.

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