xD Card Recovery: Recover Deleted Files From xD-Picture Card

If you are experiencing xD card data loss, continue reading this article to get two effective methods to recover deleted files from xD card.  


By Ivy / Updated on May 9, 2024

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In this digital age, our lives are filled with cherished memories captured through photographs and videos. The xD cards is obsolete but still used in early Fuji and Olympus cameras to store these invaluable moments.

However, like any other storage device, xD cards are not immune to data loss. Accidental deletions, formatting errors, and other unforeseen events can lead to the loss of treasured photos and videos.

In this article, we will explore the world of xD card recovery, learning how to recover deleted files from xD card and safeguard against future mishaps.

What Is an xD Card?

XD cards (or xD-Picture cards), short for "eXtreme Digital" cards, are a type of flash memory card commonly used in digital cameras, camcorders, and other electronic devices. Its dimensions (20 mm x 25 mm x 1.78 mm) are much smaller than SmartMedia cards, the main storage device of the time.

xD Card

They were developed by Fujifilm and Olympus in the early 2000s to offer high storage capacity, fast data transfer rates, and economical pricing.

  • Its capacity was revolutionary at the time of its release, being as high as 2GB compared to the industry standard card of 128MB.
  • It is mainly used to store pictures and video formats including AVI, MP4, MPG, etc.
  • It was sold in different brands, such as Kodak, SanDisk, Lexar, and more.

However, it was disconnected around 2009 and lost to its competitor, the security digital memory cards, which is the leader in the memory card sector.

Causes of Data Loss on xD Card

1. Accidental deletion

One of the most common reasons for data loss on xD cards is accidental deletion. With just a few taps or clicks, precious memories can disappear in an instant.

2. Formatting errors

Formatting an xD card without creating a backup can lead to irreversible data loss. Don’t use the full format option in the camera or your computer. Otherwise, your data will be overwritten.

3. File system corruption

File system errors can occur due to improper handling of the xD card or abrupt removal from the camera or card reader. Such errors can render the data inaccessible.

4. Corruption

Improper use, bad sectors, viruses or malware, power outage, etc may cause card corruption and make your data inaccessible. The recovery rate mainly depends on how serious the damage of xD card is.

5. Physical damage

Physical damage, such as water exposure or bending, can severely affect the xD card's functionality and result in data loss.

Is It Possible to Start xD Card Recovery?

The xD card data recovery is possible, but requires meeting the following conditions. Please read them carefully.

1. The xD card must be readable.

Be sure your xD card is available in Disk Management, even if it shows up as a RAW drive. Or check if this card is in Device Manager. A reliable data recovery software can still scan your disk for deleted pictures or videos.

2. The deleted files are not overwritten.

When you deleted files on xD picture card, they are simply hidden and don’t disappear immediately. Instead, the “free” space is ready for new data. If you continue using this card, add new data to it, or format it, the deleted files will be overwritten and data recovery will be more challenging.

3. Act promptly with the right method.

The best method to avoid data overwriting and get your data back is to act quickly with the right data recovery method. A reliable data recovery software resolves most data loss scenarios. For severe data loss scenarios or physically damaged xD cards, please seek professional data recovery services. They possess the expertise and tools necessary to retrieve data safely.

How to Recover Deleted Files from xD Card Effortlessly

As mentioned above, you can choose to employ data recovery software or service to recover xD picture card data. They are the method with highest recovery methods compared with manual methods, such as reinstall drivers, chkdsk command, etc. Let’s dive into it!

Use Reliable Data Recovery Software - MyRecover

If the data loss is due to logical errors like accidental deletion, formatting errors, etc consider using reliable data recovery software like MyRecover. Learn more about this software and follow the instructions below to perform xD recovery.

Recover files lost in any scenario, such as accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, corrupted disk, etc.
Recover deleted X3F/HEIF/JPG images, AVI/MP4/MPG videos, DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS documents, and any common file types in over 200 file formats.  
Multiple memory cards compatible, such as xD-Picture, SD, SDXC, SDHC, microSD or mini SD, xD, CF, MMC, etc.
Complete recovery: With the help of its advanced scanning methods, you can find as many files as possible and recover them completely without losing their quality or corruption.
No technical expertise required and novice friendly. 

Now please download and install this reliable Windows data recovery software. Compatible with all versions of Windows systems (32bit and 64 bit), including Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, etc and Windows Server.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your xD-Picture card to a Windows PC. Launch this reliable data recovery software - MyRecover. Hover the mouse over the card saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. It will run Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically to search and display all the deleted files, such as .avi video, .mp4 video, etc. To locate them quickly, use the Filter feature or go to the original location in the left panel.


Step 3. Select your desired photos and videos and then click Recover x files to recover xD picture card data. You will then be asked to select a location. Please select a new location instead of the original location to prevent potential data overwriting.

Recover Video Files


  • The restore button will display the number of selected videos and their full size. You can use it to determine the integrity of the recovered videos.
  • You can perform xD card data recovery for free, up to 500MB in total. To recover all files, please upgrade to the advanced editions.
  • In addition, you still can use this software to recover deleted files in Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, etc.

Consider Help from Professional Recovery Services

If the data loss is severe or the xD-Picture card is physically damaged, it is best to consult a professional data recovery service, such as Geek Squad, ACE Data Recovery, Secure Data Recovery, etc. They possess specialized tools and expertise to handle complex recovery situations.

Geek Squad Recovery

Before contacting them, make sure to put in extra effort to learn about different data recovery services from various aspects and find the most suitable software. Also, make sure your data is very important considering that it is expensive. The price depends on the severity of the damage and the difficulty of recovery.

🥇After successful data recovery, create a backup immediately. This way, you can ensure the safety of your precious memories even if the unexpected happens again. Try reliable Windows backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard.
The best practice is to create a scheduled backup in two different storage devices, one of which is offsite, such as an external disk, network drive, NAS, cloud drive, etc.

How to Repair Common xD Card Errors

The xD-Picture cards are very expensive and not easy to find nowadays. If you are still using this type of card, try to repair xD card as much as possible. Below are some common errors and corresponding solutions.

1. The xD card is not recognized.

You insert an xD card into a Windows PC but is not available in Windows Explore. Try to check the card reader or use it on a different machine. If not, there might be a problem with your operating system or drivers. Try to reinstall xD card drivers in the Device Manager.


2. The xD card needs to be formatted.

When inserting this card into a Windows PC, you receive the formatting error message like “You need to format the disk in drive x: before you can use it” or similar. Don’t format it as suggested and recover data from xD card first. Then, try chkdsk /f /r command to scan card for errors.

Chkdsk f r

3. You receive xD card data transfer error.

The error is usually caused by faulty xD card reader or damaged connection pins on the xD card itself. Check if the cable connecting your xD card reader to your computer is in top shape and replace it if it isn’t.

4. The xD card has read/write errors.

The read/write errors may trigger various error messages or cause data recovery failure. You could consider using the disk check utility or chkdsk command to scan and fix file system errors. If your card is still not readable, try to format it again.

properties tools check

Tips to Prevent Data Loss on XD Picture Cards

1. Regularly Back Up Your Data

Make it a habit to back up your XD card data to different devices regularly and ideally before accidents happen. Backups are also necessary after successful data recovery. This practice ensures your memories are safe even if the XD card is damaged or corrupted.

2. Safely Eject the xD Card

Always eject the xD card properly from your camera or card reader before removing it physically. Abrupt removal may lead to inversible data corruption.

3. Keep the xD Card Safe from Physical Damage

Handle your xD card carefully and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, water, or physical shocks.

4. Scan the Card for Errors Periodically

Perform periodic scans or run chkdsk command on your xD card to identify and fix any potential file system errors before they lead to data loss.

5. Employ Anti-virus Software to Prevent Infection

You can consider using built-in anti-virus software - Windows Defender or third-party software to scan disk for malware or viruses and prevent infection and malicious deletion.


Losing precious photos and videos from your XD card can be distressing, but with the right approach, you can perform xD card recovery successfully. Stop using this card immediately and act quickly using reliable recovery software, or seek professional data recovery services for help.

Additionally, adopting good habits like regular backups, safe handling of the XD card, scanning the card on a regular basis, etc can prevent future data loss. Among them, the best practice is to create a scheduled backup automatically. It will keep a copy of your data completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I recover deleted photos from an XD card?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos from an XD card using data recovery software, provided the data has not been overwritten.

2. How much does professional XD card recovery cost?

The cost of professional XD card recovery varies depending on the extent of data loss and the recovery service provider. It's best to inquire directly with the service for an accurate estimate.

3. Is there any free XD card recovery software available?

Yes, some data recovery software offers free versions with limited features. However, for more comprehensive recovery, paid versions are recommended.

4. Can I recover data from a physically damaged xD card?

Yes, professional data recovery services may be able to recover data from a physically damaged xD card.

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