Windows 11 Stuck in Tablet Mode? Fix It Now with 6 Methods!

You will learn the reasons and solutions to Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode after upgrading from Windows 10. Learn more about them below!


by Ivy Updated on October 17, 2022

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User Case: Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode


"Hi, I have the latest 13-inch HP laptop (convertible laptop with a touchscreen). I updated to Windows 11 last month, but it's stuck in tablet mode now. I can neither use the keyboard nor the trackpad as they are disabled to prevent miscomputes. The Tablet mode option under Action center has been removed in Windows 11, so I cannot switch using that. Is there any fix to Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode? Thank you”


Some users reported being stuck in tablet mode after upgrading to Windows 11. In fact, Windows 11 will automatically switch to tablet modes without keyboards. So you cannot turn off tablet mode from Settings or Action Center. Don't worry about it! And I'll introduce you to the possible reasons and 6 solutions to fix it!

Why is my computer stuck in tablet mode?

After deeping into this error, we summarize some possible reasons for it. You can check them and try corresponding solutions to fix it. 

  • The connection of keyboard and computer is loose. 
  • The urrent operating system version is old.
  • The system file is corrupted.
  • Other reasons. 

How to fix Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode

If your  Windows 11 tablet mode not working, you can try the following methods. 

Way 1: Reconnect the keyboard 

If Windows 11 tablet mode with a 2-in-1 laptop is stuck, you can check the connection of the keyboard and computer. And the tablet mode will be enabled automatically if you connect the keyboard to your touchscreen tightly. 


If you have reconnected the keyboard but this method did not apply to you, please turn to the next method.

Way 2: Rotate the screen

If your Windows 11 laptop has a flipped screen, you can rotate the screen back to the original position to turn off tablet mode. To turn it on, please turn the screen all the way around backward.


When you rotate the screen, it will change the mode back to normal. If the tablet mode is not working, try next method. 

Way 3: Restart your computer

Windows 11 tablet mode is not working, and you cannot use it or exit. Sometimes you just need to restart your PC to fix a bug in the OS or a background process causing this error. 

Click on the Start button, click the Power option and select Restart. And then, wait until your computer start and see if it revert the system to its original mode. 

Way 4: Update Windows 11

Runing an outdate version of the operating system may cause issues, so you can choose to update Windows 11 with the following steps. 

Navigate to Start > Settings > Windows Update and right-click Windows Update. Then, click Check for updates under it. If there are any updates, please download and install them. Then restart your computer to see whether your turn back to the desktop.


Way 5: Run system file checker 

The Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode may also be caused a corrupted or damaged system file, so you can use the built-in tool system file checker to scan and repair it. 

 Press Win+R to open run dialogue, type cmd and click OK. Then, in the command prompt window, input sfc /scannow and press Enter to start the process. Also, it requires a restart to keep the changes. 


Way 6: Restore system to previous date 

If you don't know why Windows 11 tablet mode not working and the above methods fails too, you could consider restoring your computer to eariler time using a system restore point. It will undo changes made recently in drivers or programs. 

1. Type Create a restore point in the search box and then open it. Click System Restore in the System Properties and select a restore point, recommended or a different restore point. Afterward, click Next and Finish subsequently to start the restore process. 



  • As the computer will restart, remember to save all the open files or you will lose these files.   
  • As your computer will roll back to a certain past point, you will lose some recent applications and programs you installed after that point.

Always create a system image to ensure computer security

Windows 11 is the latest operating system, but still has many potential issues, such as, Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode, Windows 11 make my computer slow, Windows 11 checking your PC stuck, etc.

Thus, it's suggested to create a system image in Windows 11, so you can easily revert the computer back to normal status. You need the best free backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard. It can be used in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and has many useful features:

Automatic backup: With Schedule Backup, you can backup disks in daily/weekly/monthly for free.
Incremental backup: It's based on the full backup and then backup only changed files after creating a full backup. And the incremental backup only copies the changed data since the last backup.
Various backup paths: You can backup to the local path, external hard drives, cloud drives, USB flash drives, or NAS devices.

Here are detailed steps to backup your files. To get started, please download AOMEI Backupper Standard and install it. If you are a server user, please try AOMEI Backupper Server.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

1. Launch the software and click Backup > System Backup


2. The system partitions will be selected by default, so you just need to choose the destination path. 

  • Select a local path: It allows you to backup Windows 11 to external drive (HDD or SSD), or USB drive. Please connect it every time before a backup task starts. 
  • Add Share or NAS path: It is able to backup Windows 11 to network share or NAS device. It requires you to type the network path and select a shared folder on it. 


3. To track changes in the system partition, click Schedule Backup and enable it, then select daily, weekly, or monthly backup. Afterward, click Start Backup to create a system image in Windows 11. 

Schedule Backup

Other useful features on the premium version
You can enable encryption for backups in Options.
You still backup system at specific events or dedicated devices with Event triggers or USB plug in feature in Schedule Backup. The latter one is a plug-and-backup method, so you don't need to connect it manually and worry about data loss due to forgetting. In this case, it  will backup computer to USB drive automatically when it's plugged in.
Besides, you are able to backup only changed files with differential backup, a indispensible and safer backup method. To avoid backup disk full, try automatic backup cleanup and delete old backups automatically. 


When Windows 11 stuck in tablet mode, you can try those 6 methods as I mentioned above and hope one of them works for you. Besides, it's always a good habit to schedule backup Windows 11 so as to keep your computer always safe. Even if it crashes, you can get it back quickly.

With a few clicks, you can set the schedule backup task easily. To reduce backup image size and save disk space , try compression, splitting, incremental and differential backup, automatic backup cleanup, etc. And you can explore more functions by yourself.

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