Best Strategy for Gateway Laptop Hard Drive Failure Problem

September 29, 2017

Encounter Gateway laptop hard drive failure unexpectedly? This tutorial will show you how to backup data from the hard drive and move to new drive without booting Windows.

Get Gateway laptop hard drive failure error?

Without warnings, you just find the Gateway laptop cannot load Windows and you may get error like “Error reading drive, press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart”. Or it just stopped working and ran repair & restart loop. In most cases, this indicates the Gateway laptop hard drive failure imminent. Mechanical hard drives are destined to fail because of all the moving parts can go bad, so don’t blame yourself too much. There’s not much you can do to prevent hard drive from dying actually. The most important thing is find a way out of fixing this problem.

Gateway laptop

Laptops are not usually fixable, thus replacing Gateway laptop failure hard drive with new disk is a feasible strategy. Do a clean install on Gateway laptop can easily solve this problem. Nevertheless, personal data on the dead hard drive generally is the stuff that Gateway users want to save most. As a result, the subject comes back to the twice-told importance of backup. If you have backed Gateway laptop up to another place before, remove its hard drive and restore Windows image backup over Network or external hard drive is effective. However, now that you come and search answer on the Internet, meaning you don’t have a backup. Anyhow, check this solution to see if it works.

Fix Gateway laptop hard disk failure issue

To solve this problem, you need to prepare following objects, the replacement for current Gateway laptop hard drive which should be 2.5 inch, a well running Windows PC of any brands and backup & restore software you’ll use during the process, say AOMEI Backupper Professional. This tool helps you create a bootable media with a backup utility equipped on the well-functioned PC. Then you can boot the Gateway laptop off the bootable device and backup data on the hard drive. If the system is functional, you are able to back up the entire disk and restore to new disk without reinstalling. At last, Gateway laptop Windows failed to start issue will be easily solved. Download its free trial to have a try.

Step1. Create a bootable media (USB or CD/DVD) on the running PC. Download, install and start AOMEI Backupper Professional. Click Utilities and then Create a Bootable Media.

Create Bootable device

Step2. Plug in a CD/DVD or USB drive. Select create Windows PE disc option. Follow the wizard to finish the creation. All operations will be completed within several pages.

Windows PE

Step3. Boot Gateway laptop via the new created bootable device. This bootable media contains AOMEI Backupper utility, so you can use it to backup the failure hard drive right after login. Start this software and click Backup. Choose the function based on your situation and here will take Disk Backup for example. Follow the wizard and store the backup image on removable device or network.

Disk Backup

Step4. Shut down Gateway on completion. Remove the bootable device and removable storage if any. Replace current hard drive with new disk and you may need Phillips screwdriver in the process. Be careful and be gentle. Get laptop back to normal.

Step5. Insert the bootable media again and boot Gateway laptop. Connect the removable device at the same time. Log into Windows PE mode, launch AOMEI Backupper and clickRestore. If it doesn’t detect the backup image, click Path to manually navigate. Complete this operation.


Step6. Remove the bootable device and restart Gateway laptop after restoring.


  • This method actually contains system restore. If you want to backup only files, use File Backup and you can save the last two steps.
  • If system files are corrupted, do not use it to restore OS. You need do clean install.

This is an effective solution to solve Gateway laptop hard drive failure problem so far. AOMEI Backupper is a reliable backup solution and you can keep it later to protect your Gateway laptop because it is a trusty alternative to Windows Backup and Restore utility. Scheduled backup to external hard drive saves a lot of trouble in deed.