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Designed for businesses of all sizes with high scalability

Why Modern Businesses Need Centralized Backup?

Centralized backup is a data protection strategy that backs up all endpoint devices for enterprises from one central device or console by a single administrator. Here are the benefits for an enterprise environment with multiple computers and systems.

What Makes AOMEI Cyber Backup the Best Choice for Business Backup?

For both small businesses and medium to large enterprises, AOMEI Cyber Backup provides central backup & recovery solutions
that deliver the best ease-of-use and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Centralized Management Solution

AOMEI Cyber Backup works as a robust centralized backup software. You can easily create, monitor, restore, manage, restore backup image for all client computers within the same LAN.

  • Backup All Machines Easily

    Set up a task to backup, monitor, execute, edit, delete backup tasks and perform fast recovery for all computers in your company.

  • Remote Agent Deployment

    For physical Windows PCs & Servers, MSSQL backup, remotely install AOMEI Cyber Backup client program to all computers by a single administrator.

  • Centralized Backup Management

    Monitor all backup task on a centralized and user-friendly web console. Centrally and easily access, view, delete, restore, and manage all backups.

All-In-One Backup For Business

AOMEI Cyber Backup provides flexible and cross-platform data protection methods to meet diverse data management needs.

  • Virtual Environment Backup

    Manage backups of all VMware or Hyper-V virutal machines agentlessly to ensure business data security.

  • Physical Machine Backup

    Completely backup all Windows data or selectively backup data by partition, disk, system or file.

  • SQL Server Backup

    Backup and restore functional MSSQL databases with complete architecture and data records within your company network by just simple clicks.

Rich Functionality

Abundant tools and functionalities are here to ensure you a seamless and error-free data management experience.

  • Automatic Backup

    Easily setup a backup schedule according to your specific need to run backup daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Incremental Backup

    Backup only newly added or changed data since the last backup to minimize time and storage consumption.

  • Backup to All Locations

    Save backups to local drive, external storage devices such as HDD, USB drive, and network shared folder

  • Hot Backup

    Your system and other programs can run smoothly without any interruptions or lagging during all backup processes.

  • Backup Scheme

    Backup scheme is to auto delete old backups in order to save storage space and avoid it running out to store new backups.

  • Instant Data Recovery

    Restore backup to usable state in a very short time to ensure business continuity and avoid potential losses.

  • Role-based management

    Create and assign multiple accounts with different permissions to team members for effient and safe teamwork.

  • Timely monitor & Report

    Keep track of all operations and timely send auto Email to report backup results, keeping the administrator informed.

Choose a Proper Backup Solution for Your Data

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AOMEI Backupper

Standalone Windows Backup, disk clone and file sync software

AOMEI Cyber Backup

Centralized backup solution for all Windows PCs, Servers, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL

Basic Features

Windows Disk/System/Partiton Backup Easily backup the whole disk, including system and partition.
Windows Clone Migrate Windows system to SSD/HDD, and clone partition and disk to another disk.
Windows Sync Sync important files and folder to any location you want.
Windows File Backup Backup all important files and folder on your Windows computer.
VMware Backup Easily Backup VMware ESXi VMs including vCenter and Sphere.
Hyper-V Backup Backup Hyper-V VMs, hypervisor, configurations, permissions, etc.
MS SQL Backup Backup your Microsoft SQL data, like configurations, architecture, logs, authentications, etc.
Email Backup Easily backup most mainstream Email App, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.
Backup to Local Drive/External Drive/NAS/Network Support saving your backup to local and external storage space, NAS drive, and shared network folder.
Backup to AOMEI Cloud Back up data to AOMEI Cloud Storage to implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy and improve your data security level.

Centralized Management

On-time Task Monitor Timely monitor and view all tasks on an intuitive console, including backup processes, errors, successes, failures, device, etc.
Centralized Backup Centrally backup all your important business data such as VMware, Hyper-V, MS SQL database, Windows PCs & Server.
Role-based Management Create accounts with different permissions for your team members.

Task Settings

Full/Incremental/Differential Backup To create a backup image of exact selected data. And support only backup newly added data since last backup.
Scheduled Automatic Backup Set up a schedule to automatically run backup task daily, weekly, or monthly.
Email Notification Automatically send an Email notification for backup, recovery and other task results - success, errors, abnormalities.
Backup Cleanup Automatically delete old or redundant backups to save storage space.
Hot Backup Perform a backup while the data is active or running.

Data Recovery

Restore Backup to Any Location Restore backup to the original or a new location. You can migrate data to another disk, computer, or a virtual machine.
Granular Recovery Quickly restore certain files and folders in a backup image without restoring the entire backup.
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How do I backup all VMware virtual machines?

AOMEI Cyber Backup can help you easily backup all VMware environments. Just follow the steps below.
Step 1. Access to AOMEI Cyber Backup client, click Source Device > VMware > + Add VMware Device. Enter the IP address and information to add device.
Step 2. Choose Backup Task > Create New Task. Choose VMware ESXi backup as the backup type. Then setup backup name, content, schedule and other backup settings.
Step 3. Hit Start backup button to run the task.

How to backup all my Hyper-V VMs?

AOMEI Cyber Backup is the best practice to backup Hyper-V virtual machines. Here are how to backup Hyper-V virtual environments.
Step 1. Click Source Device to on the left pane of AOMEI Cyber Backup.
Step 2. Click Backup Task > Create New Task. Choose Hyper-V Backup as the backup type. Then set name, content, schedule, backup locations and other settings.
Step 3. Click Start Backup button to execute.

How do I backup physical machine?

AOMEI Cyber Backup is a powerful remote backup software for physical machines. You can remotely backup all Windows computers and servers and centrally manage all backups.
Step 1. Click Source Device to on the left pane of AOMEI Cyber Backup.
Step 2. Click Backup Task > Create New Task. Choose Disk Backup, Partition Backup, File Backup according to you need. And set other settings.
Step 3. Click Start Backup to perform the task.

How do I back up all of my company's platform data from one location?

AOMEI Cyber Backup is a robust enterprise backup solution to protect all critical business remotely. You can just add and backup workstation, servers, virtual environments, and SQL database from one computer then backup all data on them. Here are the steps.
Step 1. On the AOMEI Cyber Backup interface, click Source Device. Here you can choose the device type you want to to add.
Step 2. Click Backup Task > Create New Task. Choose backup type, location, schedule and other settings.
Step 3. Click Start Backup button.

Over 60 Million Users Worldwide Trust AOMEI

Tesla “AOMEI’s product is the easiest and works best for us among several enterprise backup and recovery tools we've tried.". All of our files, databases, and virtual machine are well protected, and we can retrieve the backup files whenever data disaster occurs. This has significantly enhanced our data protection and we believe it would help us reduce potential order due to data disruptions.

—— IT administrator of Tesla Shanghai

“AOMEI’s backup solution perfectly meet our requirements and the whole experience is amazing. Thanks to their expertise, our team is now well-prepared to support our customers with efficient Windows backup and recovery"

—— Senior Electronic Engineer from Wood Group

AOMEI's data disaster recovery strategy helps us two things, backing up all virtual machines and restoring them in real time, and improving efficiency and benefiting customers. In the future, we will not hesitate to choose AOMEI.

—— Network Administrator from eGroup

“I've been working with AOEMI Cyber Backup for a while. I must therefore say that I am very satisfied with this backup solution. The ease of use is my greatest asset. Not to mention the very reasonable price in the industry. I am therefore also convinced that AOMEI Cyber Backup certainly has added value to our company.”

—— IT Infrastructure Manager ofHiPay

AOMEI provides us with the best IT backup solution in the world, which improves the security of our data and the stability of our service and saves us a lot of time. AOMEI will be our only choice in the future.

—— Logistics Manager ofNormandie Logistique

“We are always looking for new backup solutions to improve data protection and virtualization infrastructure. After careful consideration, we decided to choose AOMEI Centralized Backupper. It simplifies the backup process and greatly shortens the backup time.”

—— CEO ofHigashiyamadeki

It never occurred to us that data protection could be made so easy. AOMEI provides the best enterprise backup practices which are much more user-friendly and powerful for our virtual machine protection than traditional backup ways. The software is very easy to use, and backup and recovery tasks run smoothly. Thanks.

—— data center security manager of GTC

Data security is very important in the digital industry. We had looking for a reliable enterprise backup and recovery tool. Thanks to AOMEI, they are very specialized in data security. Their enterprise backup software helps us to easily protect all of our clients' information and retrieve it whenever we need it.

—— IT & Business manager of Metranet

We have a safer, more reliable and efficient data protection system, it not only protect our data security, but we can better provide services for teaching, scientific research, and management.

—— Lab Administrator of University of Arkansas

“AOMEI helped us set up a disaster recovery platform for our data center. They offers professional and robust backup software. With over 16,000 students and teachers relying on 200 computers, we perform weekly scheduled backups with their product. Now we don’t need to worry about data loss. Thanks. --Instructional Support Specialist of University of ECC

—— Instructional Support Specialist of University of ECC

“For us, AOMEI is simple to operate. It provides professional and reliable backup solutions to help us protect all business processes. We will always trust it”

—— Production Manager of Ludolph

“Each of our actions is to enable our citizens to have a better life, but all decisions need to be made by weighing the information of all parties. Using AOMEI to make the gathered complex information clear is an important step in our work.”

—— Deputy City Manager of Euless

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