Fixed: HP Laptop Screen Flickering on Windows 11

Don’t panic when your HP laptop screen flicks. There is a full collection of solutions to troubleshoot it.


By Maggie Updated on June 9, 2023

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Case:  Why is my HP laptop screen flickering?


I have a HP laptop 15-DY1023DX  that was updated to Windows 11that for the past several months when I start it up the screen flickers.  It is a touch screen so I have to touch it to find the restart button.  After restarting, it no longer flickers until I shut it down and then start up fresh again. I have looked online for all the fixes and thought I had it fixed, but it is still doing it. What is the fix for this please?


- Justame81 {{HP Community}}


HP Laptop Screen Flickering

Why is my HP laptop screen flicking in Windows 11?

Experiencing screen flickering on your HP laptop like the previous user experience? No need to worry, as this issue is quite common among HP laptop users. There could be various reasons behind this problem, including hardware malfunctions or software glitches.  Identifying the underlying cause of the screen flickering and taking appropriate measures can help resolve the issue on your HP laptop. Here are some of the top reasons behind this issue:

▐Outdated or Incompatible Graphic Drivers
▐Faulty Display Settings: i
mproper display settings, such as an incorrect refresh rate, resolution, or color depth, can contribute to screen flickering.
▐Incompatible Applications: certain applications, especially graphics-intensive or incompatible software, can interfere with the display and cause flickering.
▐Damaged Hardware Connections: loose or damaged connections between the display and the motherboard can lead to screen flickering.

Resolving this issue and putting an end to the HP laptop screen flickering Windows 11 is essential. In this article, we will explore several methods to troubleshoot HP laptop screen blinking on and off. So, without further ado, let's get started and find the solution that works best for you.

Quick solutions: fix a flicking screen on Windows 11

Screen flickering HP laptop Windows 11 lies with multiple reasons, you need to troubleshoot the issue by figuring out the root.

Solution 1. Restart your PC

Usually, most computer problems can be solved by restarting your computer. If your laptop screen is flicking, try to refresh it by restarting your computer to execute a simple inspection.

Solution 2. Check your cable

Another possible reason may lie with your cable conditions. First, you can check the cord that links your HP monitor to your computer, whether it’s an HDMI cable or a Display wire. Then make sure that both ends of the cable are firmly inserted into their respective ports. If needed, you can use a backup cable if you find any frayed or damaged traces.

Solution 3. Adjust refresh rate settings

The refresh rate of the screen refers to the number of times the displayed image is updated per second. Most consumer-grade displays have a typical refresh rate of 60 hertz (Hz). However, high-end displays can support higher refresh rates, such as 360 Hz or more.

To optimize your display's performance, it is important to ensure that the refresh rate is set correctly. Some manufacturers offer the option to overclock the refresh rate, but it should be approached with caution as it can potentially cause flickering issues.

Step 1. Open Settings by pressing Windows +I, and then click System>Display> Advanced display settings.

Step 2. Then entering the Display information window, click on Choose a refresh rate button and choose lower rates. If it works, then it succeeds, if not, continue lower it to the recommended refresh rate.

Choose a Fresh Rate

Fix HP screen flickering via Task Manager

Screen flickering HP laptop Windows 11 can often be attributed to display driver issues or incompatible applications. To diagnose the root cause, check to see if Task Manager flickers by Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager.

✍Scenario 1. If Task Manager flickers along with everything else on the screen, a display driver is probably causing the problem.
✍Scenario 2. If Task Manager doesn't flicker while the rest of the screen is flickering, an incompatible app is probably causing the problem.

Then, based on that information, you'll need to update, rollback, or uninstall your display driver or update or uninstall the app.

Scenario 1. Fix your display driver

If Windows Update recently made updates to your device, roll back your display driver. Otherwise, try updating or uninstalling your display driver to fix the flickering or scrambling problem.

Case 1. Roll back your display driver

Step 1. In the search box on the taskbar, enter Device Manager, and then select it from the list of results.

Step 2. Select the arrow to expand Display adapters.

Step 3. Under Display adapters, right-click the adapter, then select Properties.

Step 4. Select the Driver tab, and then select Roll Back Driver > OK.

Roll Back Driver

Step 5. Restart your device.

Case 2. Update/ Uninstall your display driver

Step 1. In the search box on the taskbar, enter Device Manager, and then select it from the list of results.

Step 2. Select the arrow to expand Display adapters.

Step 3. Under Display Adapters, right-click the adapter, then select Update driver.

Update Driver

Case 3. Uninstall your display driver

Step 1. In the search box on the taskbar, enter device manager, and then select it from the list of results.

Step 2. Select the arrow to expand Display adapters.

Step 3. Under Display adapters, right-click the adapter, then select Properties.

Step 4. Select the Delete the driver software for this device check box, and then select Uninstall.

Delete the Driver Software For This Device

Step 5. Restart your device and Windows will attempt to reinstall the driver.

Scenario 2. Update or uninstall an incomparable app

Update or uninstall an incompatible app to troubleshoot the problems.

Update an app

1. If the app came from Microsoft Store, check updates for apps from Microsoft Store.

2. If the app didn't come from Microsoft Store, check the manufacturer's site for updates.

Uninstall an app

Some apps may not be compatible with Windows 11 and can cause a flickering or scrambled screen. Try uninstalling the app, here's how:

Step 1. Select Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. It'll take a moment for your apps to appear.

Step 2. Scroll down the list and find the app you want to uninstall. Select the app, and then select Uninstall > Uninstall. If you're asked to confirm your choice, select Yes.

After you uninstall the first app, restart your device and check if the screen flickering or scrambled issue is resolved or not. If it's not, uninstall each app one by one until the issue is resolved.

Bonus tip: backup to prevent data loss

HP laptop flickering cannot be ignored and so do its harmful effects. Suggest if you are compiling your files or operating your systems, sudden or constant HP laptop screen flickering when mouse moves Windows 11 or Windows 11 File Explorer crashing will definitely cause your data loss or even hard drive breakdown. How to prevent any possible data loss? With AOMEI Backupper, you can bid farewell to the fear of data loss. This powerful backup and recovery software empowers you to take control of your data, ensuring its safety and accessibility at all times.

☑All-in-one backup solution: It supports File Backup, Partition Backup, System Backup, Disk Backup, and Cloud Backup, a case in point is backup C drive Windows 11.
☑Rich backup destination: It allows you to backup files to any recognized device, such as, an internal or external disk, USB, network drive, NAS, cloud drive, etc.
☑Different backup frequencies: It offers you Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Moreover, you can also set in Event triggers and USB plug-in modes.

Now download AOMEI Backupper and launch it.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Select Backup and File Backup subsequently.

File Backup

Step 2. Click Add File or Add Folder to select the files or folders you want to backup.

Add Folders Files

Step 3. Click the second box and choose a local path, network or NAS, or cloud drive to store file backup image.

Select Destination

Step 4. Afterward, click Start Backup to backup files in Windows 11. 

To sum up

HP laptop screen flickering Windows 11 is attributed to various reasons. Diagnosing the exact reason and troubleshooting it accordingly. What’s more, it is always prudent to take precautionary measures to safeguard your important data with AOMEI Backupper. Creating a backup ensures that even if something goes wrong during the update process, you can still retrieve your files and restore them to their original state.

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