Solved: Factory Reset Acer Laptop Windows 10 Without Password

Factory resetting an Acer laptop on Windows 10 without a password can be a challenging task, especially if you've forgotten your login credentials. This guide provides comprehensive solutions to help you overcome this obstacle and restore your laptop to its original state.


By Maggie Updated on February 2, 2024

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What's the Issue?

Forgetting your password on a Windows 10 Acer laptop prevents you from accessing your system, making it difficult to perform essential tasks or perform a factory reset.

Causes of the Problem

1. Forgotten Password: You may have simply forgotten your login credentials after a long period of non-use.

2. Changed Password: If you recently changed your password and forgot to update it, you'll encounter login issues.

3. Malfunctioning Keyboard: A faulty keyboard may prevent you from entering your password correctly, leading to login failures.

Solutions to Factory Reset Acer Laptop Windows 10 Without Password

Solution 1: Utilize Safe Mode

1. Boot into Safe Mode: Restart your Acer laptop and continuously press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears.

2. Access Advanced Startup Options: Select "Troubleshoot" > "Advanced options" > "Startup Settings" > "Restart."

3. Enter Safe Mode: Press the F4 key to enter Safe Mode.

4. Perform Factory Reset: Once in Safe Mode, navigate to "Settings" > "Update & Security" > "Recovery" > "Reset this PC."

Solution 2: Use Installation Media

1. Create Windows 10 Installation Media: Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and create installation media on a USB drive.

2. Boot from Installation Media: Insert the USB drive into your Acer laptop and boot from it.

3. Access Recovery Options: When prompted, choose "Repair your computer" > "Troubleshoot" > "Reset this PC."

4. Begin Factory Reset: Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the factory reset process.

Solution 3: Employ AOMEI Backupper

1. Download and Install AOMEI Backupper: Visit the AOMEI website, download the software, and install it on a separate PC.

2. Create Bootable Media: Launch AOMEI Backupper and create a bootable USB or CD/DVD.

3. Boot from Bootable Media: Insert the bootable media into your Acer laptop and boot from it.

4. Perform System Restore: Use AOMEI Backupper's intuitive interface to initiate a system restore to factory settings.

Recommendation: AOMEI Backupper


When it comes to restoring your Acer laptop to factory settings without a password, AOMEI Backupper is a reliable choice. This comprehensive backup and recovery software offers:


- User-friendly interface

- Wide range of backup and restore options

- Bootable media creation for offline recovery


- Free version limitations

- Advanced features require purchase

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I factory reset my Acer laptop without a password?

A: Yes, you can use Safe Mode, installation media, or AOMEI Backupper to perform a factory reset without a password.

Q: Will factory resetting my laptop remove all my files?

A: Yes, a factory reset will erase all data on your laptop, so ensure you back up essential files before proceeding.

Q: How long does it take to factory reset an Acer laptop?

A: The time taken for a factory reset varies depending on your laptop's specifications and the method used. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Q: Is it possible to recover data after a factory reset?

A: It's challenging to recover data after a factory reset, so it's crucial to back up important files beforehand.

Q: Can I reset my laptop without losing Windows 10?

A: Yes, you can reset your laptop without losing Windows 10 by selecting the option to keep your files during the reset process.

Q: Will resetting my laptop remove viruses?

A: Resetting your laptop will remove installed programs and files, potentially eliminating viruses. However, it's recommended to run antivirus software after resetting to ensure complete removal.

Technical Terms Explained

1. Factory Reset: A process that restores a device to its original state, erasing all data and settings.

2. Bootable Media: External storage, such as a USB drive or CD/DVD, containing an operating system or recovery tool for booting a computer.

3. System Restore: A feature that reverts a computer's state to a previous point in time, often used to troubleshoot issues.

Tips for Successful Factory Reset

1. Back Up Your Data: Before initiating a factory reset, ensure you back up all essential files to prevent data loss.

2. Use Reliable Software: When performing a factory reset, rely on reputable software like AOMEI Backupper for a seamless experience.

3. Follow Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to on-screen instructions and follow each step meticulously to avoid errors.


In conclusion, resetting an Acer laptop running Windows 10 without a password is possible using various methods outlined in this guide. Whether you choose Safe Mode, installation media, or AOMEI Backupper, ensure you back up your data and follow the provided instructions carefully. By employing these solutions and recommendations, you can resolve the issue and restore your Acer laptop to its original state with ease.

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