Two Ways to Achieve Vista Backup

Easy way to backup Windows Vista.


by Clytze Updated on January 8, 2024

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It is quite common that people always don't have the consciousness of backing up their data in advance. When the data especially some important information has been lost, no matter how compunctious they feel, it will not make some differences to the matter. And even though Windows Vista has the function of backup which can make the data be protected easily in theory, people still can not do the job very well. Relatively speaking, other Vista backup software like AOMEI Backupper will make things much dissimilar. So let us to witness their distinction together and then choose the best one to finish our purposes.

Windows backup and restore center

Backup and restore center is a built-in component in Windows Vista and advanced operating system. It has different functions in different Windows Vista versions, for example, in Vista Home Basic and Home Premium, people can only use it to back up their personal files, like music, movie, documents, etc. but can not image the system file; while in the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions, it can be realized, that is always the so-called Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore's credit.

Usually, in the backup and restore center of Vista, people can see three kinds of related functions: back up files, back up computer, and restore system. That means users can make an image for particular data as well as entire operating system; and then if some system-wide failures happened unfortunately, users can recover the computer to a safe condition again.

However, according to some people's use, they find that the feature of backing up computer still could not satisfy users:

  • Firstly, there are no compression measures in the process of backing up. So if we want to make an image for a system drive with 9GB, the blank space to save must also be 9GB. It occupies too much space and may even lead to some problems.

  • Secondly, the speed of backing up is so slow that makes people feel a little anxious and fretful.

  • Thirdly, the operation requirement of recovery is also high. If we need to recover the whole system, it is quite troublesome for they can not do it directly in the system but must enter into the fault repair console first through optical disk's guide. This is quite inconvenient for wide computer users.

More professional Vista backup software

As we can see from the above statement, the Windows snap-in utility has many shortcomings, thus a more excellent software should be recommended to help us accomplish the job with flying colors. AOMEI Backupper is such a good one. Compared with the Windows utility, this tool brings too many powerful features for us.

  • It is for all users and all Windows versions, including different Windows Vista editions, Windows XP, Win7 and Win8, etc.

  • It permits to compress the image to save disk space.

  • If we want to use CD/DVD as the destination and one has not enough space, it allows us to split it into several parts and save them on different CD/DVDs.

  • It supports creating bootable disk to recover the system partition without any third-party burning programs.

  • We can back up data by different ways, like full backup, differential backup and incremental backup. (Here the latter two should be based on the first one, which can help us save a lot of time.)

  • It provides disk clone to migrate a disk with ease and to upgrade the older smaller one without reinstalling.

  • It supports backing up to FAT partitions as well as to NTFS partitions.

  • It allows checking and browsing the image archive.

See? The advantages of AOMEI Backupper are fairly obvious to us. So if you need to back up and restore your Vista, this freeware is the best choice for you. With its friendly and easy-to-use console and a full range of functionalities, you will not be disappointed. Download!

Here is a screenshot; you can have a glance at it.


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