The Best iPhone Migration Assistant: Transfer iPhone Data Completely

Do you know the best iPhone migration assistant? Refer to this article and perform iPhone migration in an easy way.


By Lora / Updated on September 19, 2023

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“Is there a migration assistant for iPhone?”

Migration Assistant is a utility on Mac for users to transfer data between Mac computers. When users get a new Mac device, they are willing to use this feature to set up their new device without losing anything.


Some users, therefore, will wonder is there an iPhone migration assistant to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.


Just got a new iPhone 15 in the mail today... It’s been a few years since I had to migrate... what is the best way to migrate and what exactly is migrated...? Does iPhone have a migration assistant?


- Question from MacRumors


When changing to new iPhones, like iPhone 15, iPhone 14, etc., all that users need is a painless data transfer tool to prevent them from losing any vital data, including photos, videos, apps’ data, settings, and so on.

In the past, the majority of the user will take advantage of an iCloud backup or iTunes backup. They usually back up iPhones manually and then set up new iPhones and download from iCloud or iTunes backup.


Now, with the new feature, Quick Start, that Apple offers, they could directly do iPhone device-to-device migration. So, it can be regarded that Quick Start offers the same function as Migration Assistant on Mac.

In the next part, you will be offered instructions on how to use this iPhone migration assistant.

How to do iPhone device-to-device migration via Quick Start?

“How do I transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone?” Actually, it is not difficult but takes quite a long time. The most important things to do before changing to new iPhone are to keep your data intact. Now the following steps will help you to do so.

Quick Start requires iOS 11.
Turn on Bluetooth and connect to a WiFi network on both devices.
If you have already set up your new iOS device, please erase your data and settings, and then set up it again to enter the Quick Start interface. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings > set up your iPhone.

Step 1. Start the new iPhone > set up iPhone Language, location, etc. > put both devices near each other> check the Apple ID appeared on the old iPhone screen > Continue.

Step 2. Hold the old device over the new device > scan the animation on the new device > enter the old device’s password > Transfer from iPhone.


Then you could set up Face ID/Touch ID and some other settings. When finished, apps and contents you have downloaded from App Store, iTunes Store, etc., will be downloaded via WiFi in the following hours and days.

Using Quick Start, users could do iPhone device-to-device migration wirelessly, which is pretty convenient. However, it relies on the WiFi condition, when connected to an unstable WiFi, it can be very slow.

Furthermore, some users have reported difficulties using Quick Start – they found Quick Start not working. Therefore, is there an alternative to iPhone Migration Assistant? One will be introduced in the next section.

The best iPhone migration assistant

To achieve iPhone device-to-device migration, users require a trust-worthy iPhone migration tool.

While Quick Start is quite finicky about network connectivity, transferring data over cables will be more stable, secure, and fast. Users might as well try a good iPhone data transfer tool – FoneTool.

It is an iPhone backup and transfer program, developed by the leading benchmark in the iPhone data security industry. Supported by a sophisticated team, it is embedded with advanced techs and algorithms.

In this iPhone migration tool, Transfer to iPhone, Transfer to Computer, Full Backup, Custom Backup, Photos Backup, etc., a series of features can assist you to manage your device.

The feature iPhone to iPhone Transfer will help you to move data to your iPhone. Now download and get help.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
It needs iOS 10.1 to run, supporting the latest iPhone 15, 14, 13, etc. Also, it can work with the newest iOS 17 perfectly.
Please connect the two iOS devices properly to your computer. A lightning cable is preferable.

Step 1. Install and run FoneTool > connect the old and new devices to the PC > Phone TransferiPhone to iPhone.


Step 2. Enable Backup Encryption to achieve a complete transfer > Start Transfer.


With this useful iPhone migration assistant, users could transfer data via cables safely at a high speed. Also, this tool could help you back up your iPhone when you meet iCloud backup errors like "the last backup could not be completed".

FAQ about iPhone data migration

iPhone migration assistant Quick Start and how to use it has been introduced. In addition, an iPhone migration tool alternative is recommended as well to offer a quicker and safer data migration.

In case you may have some more questions to ask, some more info is ready.

What to do with the old iPhone after transferring?

Getting all data transferred is not the end, don’t forget to check what to do with the old iPhone after transfer to protect your data privacy and free you from any safety concerns.

In a nutshell, you should follow these steps after you have ensured you have a backup available if any errors occur.

  • Log out of your iCloud account.
  • Clear the old iPhone.
  • Disassociate the old iPhone with your Apple ID.

How do I transfer health data to the new iPhone?

Users who are using Apple Watch or have activated the Health app will have made a large amount of health data, like Sleep, Steps, Headphone Audio Levels, etc., and will be willing to keep these data moved to the new iPhone.

In general, there are several means to transfer health data to new iPhone.

  • Use iCloud sync.
  • Use Quick Start to transfer the whole iPhone.
  • Create an encrypted iTunes backup manually to cover this part.
  • Utilize professional iPhone backup software.

How to backup the iPhone without a computer?

Users usually manually back up iPhone to PC or Mac using iTunes. For those who require an easier way, they could utilize an automatic iCloud backup to backup iPhone without computer.

But one thing is noticeable - only one backup in the cloud is not enough to protect your data and get rid of data loss risk. It is highly recommended to backup the iPhone to the computer manually from time to time.

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