4 Methods to Transfer Health Data to New iPhone

How to transfer health data to new iPhone? If you need to move health app data to new iPhone, then this article is worth reading with 4 proven methods.


By Lora / Updated on May 31, 2024

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“How do I get health data on my new iPhone?”

Are you switching from an old iPhone to a new one? If so, then the priority for you will be to keep all your data migrated, including the Health app data – because no one wants to lose this vital part for health monitoring.

In fact, there are indeed a large number of iPhone users seeking means to transfer health data to new iPhone.


How to transfer health data to another iPhone?


I have been having problems with my iPhone for a while so I have decided to totally erase my iPhone and reinstall all of my apps manually. I am wondering if all of my health data will come back.


- Question from Apple Community



With little knowledge about how health data is stored on iPhones, iOS users often don’t know how to move this section of data to their new devices. But no worries, this article is about to guide you to do so.

Methods to transfer health data to new iPhone

How to move health data to new iPhone? In general, you have 4 approaches to achieve it, including iCloud sync, iTunes, and iPhone data transfer utility.

What’s more, a good iPhone data migration tool will be introduced for the sake of ease and efficiency.

Method 1. Sync health data via iCloud

Actually, as is known to all, health data on iPhone is extremely private, so Apple offers iCloud to protect users’ privacy. All the data in iCloud will be encrypted end-to-end.

For users who have enabled health data sync via iCloud, it will be extremely easy and safe to transfer health app data to new iPhone for them.

If the Health is turned on in iCloud sync, then this part of data won’t be backed up in your iCloud backup that is automatically made every night.

First, go check if you have enabled it. Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > see if the Health is toggled on.


If so, all you have to do now is just log in to the same account on your new iPhone, and all of your health info will be synchronized.

However, it takes a few hours to a few days to sync your health data to the health data repository on your new iPhone; please connect your new device to a WiFi connection, and a power supply, and then wait patiently.

Method 2. Use Quick Start to transfer iPhone data

If you don’t trust iCloud sync’s success rate, and you haven’t set up your new iPhone yet, you could also use iPhone’s new feature - Quick Start.

This feature requires iOS 11.0 or later devices.
When using this feature, both the load and the new device will be occupied.
The transfer speed and performance rely on the network connection, so please connect to a stable WiFi network.

Step 1. Switch on the Bluetooth on the old device > boot up the new iPhone > set up iPhone (Language, WiFi network, etc.) > put the two devices together > see if the Apple ID on the old iPhone screen is correct > Continue.

Step 2. Hold the old iPhone over the new device > position the animation in the viewfinder > enter your old passcode > Transfer from iPhone.


All the data will be moved to the new device, including your health data. Thus, you could solve the problem of “how to move health data to new iPhone”.

Method 3. Create an encrypted iTunes backup to migrate it

To transfer health data to new iPhone, except for the two methods above, you still have other ways to do so. If you want double insurance, you could manually create an encrypted iTunes backup.

The iTunes backup will not be encrypted in default, and a non-encrypted backup doesn’t cover your health data, but you can manually enable backup encryption.

Please note down or save your backup encryption password to a safe place. You cannot restore from the backup without this passcode.
If restoring from iTunes backup failed, please get help in the troubleshoot tutorial.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your old iPhone to your PC > click the device icon.


Step 2. Click Summary > click Back Up Now.


Step 3. Make sure to tick the Encrypt local backup > set a password to it.


Step 4. Disconnect your old iPhone > connect the new device to the computer > Restore Backup > enter the password > choose the latest backup to restore from.


In this way, you could safely transfer health app data to new iPhone.

Method 4. Transfer health data to new iPhone faster via iPhone data migration utility

Never enabled iCloud sync? Quick Start transfers data too slowly? Cannot restore from iTunes backup? Where to find a good tool to move health app data to new iPhone?

No worries! To get rid of all these troubles, a good iPhone data migration tool is preferable. FoneTool will be of great help.

This versatile tool is equipped with a bunch of awesome features, like iPhone to iPhone Transfer, Transfer to iPhone, Transfer to Computer, etc. You could utilize the iPhone to iPhone Transfer to move all your private health data to the new device.

Also, it is very compatible, supporting the latest iPhone 14/13/12, etc., and it can work with the iOS 17 software perfectly and smoothly.

Download FoneTool to migrate data easily and quickly.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool > connect the two devices to your PC > Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone.


Step 2. Enable Backup Encryption to cover the health data in the backup > click Start Transfer.


Thus, you could settle the issue of “How to move health data to new iPhone” with ease.

FAQ about health data

One of the most important things to do before changing new iPhone is to keep your health data intact. In this post, all users who need to transfer health data to new iPhone will be guided with these 4 detailed methods.

If you still have more questions about health data on iPhones, please check the FAQ here.

>> Why did my Apple Health data disappear?

If you have accidentally deleted health data on your iPhone, the only way to recover it is to restore it from an encrypted backup.

If you haven’t enabled health data synced via iCloud, then you have the chance to restore it from an iCloud backup, since it is automatically encrypted and will definitely cover this part.

If there is an available iTunes encrypted backup, you could also restore iPhone health data from it.

>> Why did my Activity data disappear after restoring from a backup?

If you find activity data missing after restoring, several fixes can help you.

  • See if you have enabled health data synced via iCloud. If so, just wait for a couple of days to let it sync.
  • Free up some iPhone storage space if it is running low.
  • Re-pair your Apple Watch.
  • Update iOS software.

Get more info from the troubleshooting tutorial.

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