[Solved] Can’t Drag and Drop iTunes to iPhone

Can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone? If your iTunes won’t transfer files or music to iPhone, try out these fixes to bring everything back to normal.


By Lora / Updated on June 9, 2023

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If you can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone

The majority of Apple users are willing to use its official tools. They purchase and download music files from iTunes or Apple Music app to manage their music and video files.

Those who do not activate Apple Music would prefer to add music from iTunes to iPhone, or from iPhone to iTunes.

But complaints about iTunes won't transfer music to iPhone are frequently seen everywhere.


iTunes won't let me drag and drop songs into my iPhone


Is there any reason why I can copy and paste songs into my iPhone, but it won't let me just simply drag and drop?


- Question from Apple Community


Anyone else have this issue? I can't drag music into iPhone in iTunes.....


- Question from iMore


So many people found that iTunes can't drag songs to iPhone, and video files and other types of files are affected, too. When one can’t copy music from iTunes to iPhone after purchase, it will be very annoying.

In this article, you would find some solutions and tricks to help you fix this.

What to do when you can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone?

No matter what you are experiencing, iTunes won’t transfer music to iPhone, or you cannot drag and drop photos, videos, etc. to your iPhone, these tricks can be of some help.

Several factors can trigger this, and in this section, corresponding solutions will be given.

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Fix 1. Check the storage space

Low/no storage space is one of the reasons for this problem. When you find that iTunes can’t drag songs to iPhone, the very first course of action would be to check whether your iPhone is running low storage.

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > check how much free space is still available.

If you don’t have enough storage space to transfer music from PC to iPhone, you could free up some by deleting some unimportant files. But don’t forget to back up iPhone data before deleting anything.

Fix 2. Check if you have enabled “Manually manage music and videos”

iTunes allows users to sync music, videos, books, tones, etc. If you want to manually drag and drop music or other files from iTunes to your iPhone, please make sure you have enabled the Manually manage music and videos.

Start iTunes > click the device icon > summary > scroll down to Options > toggle on Manually manage music and videos.


Then try again to see if you still can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone.

Fix 3. Disable “iCloud Music Library”

Still can't move music to iPhone? Perhaps you need to verify if you are using the iCloud Music Library. The iCloud Music Library is designed for users who have subscribed to Apple Music to access the music they have downloaded.

Users who are using Apple Music and who have enabled this option cannot sync music using iTunes.

So, to fix the problem that iTunes can't drag music to iPhone, try to turn it off. Go to Settings on your iPhone > Music > switch off the iCloud Music Library.


And also, if you have subscribed to iTunes Match, you probably will fail in copying music and other files to your iPhone. If you want to cancel this, go to Settings on your iOS device > tap Apple ID > Subscriptions > cancel it.

Fix 4. Update the iTunes

If things still don’t go smoothly, maybe there is something wrong with the iTunes software.

Like iPhone, iTunes will release updates for iTunes software to fix some existing errors and add some new features and functions. Keeping the iPhone and iTunes up to date is a good habit and can avoid or fix some errors and failures.

Trying to update it perhaps can do some help. Now, Start iTunes > click Help in the toolbar > Check for Updates > update the iTunes.


After updating, connect your iPhone to iTunes again > check whether the error “iTunes can't drag songs to iPhone” is fixed or not.

Fix 5. Fix the “can't drag and drop iTunes to iPhone” via FoneTool

If all these tricks introduced are not working, you might think hopelessly that everything is over. Don’t be frustrated! You can still settle this matter with an iTunes alternative.

If you can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone after all these attempts, why not turn to an easy and efficient iPhone data transfer tool? Here FoneTool will be the best choice.

Using FoneTool, you could transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, PC to iPhone, and also iPhone to PC within just a few simple clicks. Photos, music, videos, contacts, etc., several types of data can be moved securely.

In addition, as a compatible tool, it supports iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc., and also supports the latest iOS 15 and Windows OS 11.

Now download and install FoneTool to transfer music and other types of data at a high speed.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
Please keep the connection between your iPhone and the PC stable during the process.

Step 1. Start FoneTool > connect your iPhone to PC > click Phone Transfer > Start Transfer.


Step 2. Click the folder icon or just drag and drop items to add to your iPhone.


Step 3. Click Start Transfer to move music or other files you need to your iPhone right away.


With this tool, the problem “iTunes can't drag songs to iPhone” could be settled easily. What’s more, you could also use this program to transfer non-purchased songs from iPhone to computer.


Now you have learned what to do when you can’t drag and drop iTunes to iPhone. In case you may have other related confusion or problems, here we provide some extra info to help you.

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Why does it keep saying “Apple ID verification failed”?

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