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Being bothered by the error “Apple ID verification failed”? This article with solutions to it and info about data transfer is worth reading.


By Lora / Updated on June 17, 2024

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Why does it say verification failed on Apple ID?

Have you ever encountered the error saying “Verification Failed” with a detailed explanation that “There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server.”?


This problem may occur while switching to another iCloud account or login into the App Store. This appears to be a major pain point for consumers because it prohibits them from using their accounts properly.

Thus so many users keep trying, again and again, to log in to their Apple ID but make no progress. Seas of complaints can be found in forums: “why does my apple id keep saying verification failed?”

When it comes to the reasons or triggers, we can dig into the ill status of WiFi connection or Apple server, wrong passwords, and so on.

  • WiFi connection is one of the main culprits to blame. If you are using unstable WiFi or Cellular data, it is likely to fail in verifying your Apple ID.
  • If there is something wrong with the Apple system, there will be a good chance that you have a problem logging in to your ID.
  • Wrong passwords can lead to this problem, too. But if you find that the Apple ID verification failed but password is correct, then it has something to do with the other factors.

Now, you must be hasty to figure out how to fix the “Apple ID verification failed”, rest assured, several tested fixes are gathered here, check them out.

Solutions to the error “Apple ID verification failed”

This article aims at solving the error “Verification failed error connecting to apple id server”, and provides a bunch of solutions to help you out. Try these fixes according to your specific needs and situation.

Fix 1. Check the WiFi connection

WiFi connection is the biggest reason, to some degree. Apple server needs a stable WiFi connection to verify and check your ID and password, therefore, please follow these steps to check it.

  • If you are using Cellular data, use a WiFi network instead.
  • Connect to another WiFi network.
  • Log out from the WiFi and reconnect to it.
  • Try checking the Apple System status.

Check if these tricks can help you log in to your Apple ID properly.

Fix 2. Enable the Settings app to use WLAN & Cellular

If the solution above doesn’t work, maybe there is nothing wrong with your WiFi. The Settings app also requires a WiFi network to work normally. Go to Settings > WLAN > Apps Using WLAN & Cellular > Settings > WLAN & Cellular Data.


Enable it and try again to see if you can log in to your Apple ID this time.

Fix 3. Enable Set Automatically or disable the 24-Hour Time

If you are trying to log in to the iPhone that is sitting unused for a long time, you may meet the apple id verification failed error.

To fix this, you could connect the iDevice to a stable WiFi, and then refresh the time setting. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > enable Set Automatically.


If still not working, try to disable the 24-Hour Time. Changing it to 12-hour Time may help.

Fix 4. Restart the iPhone

Errors, like touch screen not working, lagging, etc., can be settled by restarting sometimes. Trying to restart and refresh the iPhone to fix some software crashes is feasible.

Thus, giving it a try to solve the error “verification failed error connecting to Apple ID server” is a good idea.

  • Long press the Assistive Touch > Restart > wait for the Apple logo to show up. Or,
  • Long press the On/Off button to shut it > long press the button again until you see the Apple logo.

Fix 5. Change the password

Password can protect your account and your privacy. Without a correct password, you cannot access the Apple services like App Store, iTunes, iCloud, etc.

Make sure you have entered the correct password to your Apple ID. If you find Apple ID verification failed but passcode is correct, then try to change it and log in to it again.

To realize this, you need another available device with the same account logged in. Or, if you still cannot get the new device logged in to the account, try signing in on the web.

Step 1. Go to > sign in > come to Sign in and Security > click Password.


Step 2. Change your password. Don’t forget to take down or save your new password to a safe place.


Step 3. Go back to the device you were trying to log in to > sign in to your Apple ID again and see if it is normal now.

Fix 6. Back up your iPhone and update the iOS

If all these solutions above cannot save you, then trying to keep your iOS up to date is a good idea. Apple releases a new software version every year, and in the rest of the year, some updates are to fix some errors.

Keeping your iPhone software up to date can protect your device away from errors. But, updating sometimes leads to update issues. Some users have even experienced notes disappeared after iOS update.

Therefore, it is necessary to do some precautions, which is creating a backup before updating. Luckily, there is a good iPhone backup tool that can save your time and labor.

FoneTool, a backup & transfer tool, provides awesome features like “Full Backup”, “Photos Backup”, “Custom Backup”, etc. Using this software, you could quickly back up your precious data without security worries.

Now download FoneTool to enjoy the best backup experience.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
When asked Trust This Computer?, tap Trust on your iOS device.

Step 1. Launch FoneTool > connect your iPhone to a PC > Phone Backup >  Full Backup > Click Get Started.


Step 2. Specify the backup path according to your preferences > click Start Backup. Enable Backup Encryption to cover the privacy data, like Keychain data, Health data, etc.


Step 3. With a full backup prepared, you could go straight to update the iOS software without being afraid of losing data. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

And then, check if you can sign in to your Apple ID correctly and have the error “Apple ID verification failed” fixed.

Bonus tips: transfer data from iPhone to iPhone securely

In this article, you could find several fixes to the problem “Apple ID verification failed”. Detailed info about this error and feasible solutions can help you get everything back to normal again.

Except for users who are trying to sign in to another account, those who are switching to a new iPhone may encounter this error as well.

For these users, FoneTool can be of great help when you need to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

You could use iPhone to iPhone Transfer feature to effortlessly get started with your new iPhone with all the data on your old device.

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