4 Methods to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPhone

4 practical methods to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone are elaborated here. Check out to move photos from Samsung to iPhone easily.


By Lora / Updated on June 9, 2023

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Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone


So I just got an iPhone 11, and I'm switching from a Samsung. I'm trying to get all of my photos from my android phone to my iPhone. Is there any easy way?


- Question from Reddit


If you are a new iPhone user who switched from Android phones, there must be an urgent task for you: transfer data from android to iPhone.

Further, photos are, of course, the most vital part of it for the majority of users, no wonder they are so eager to figure out some time and labor-saving means to transfer their photos.

However, it is not easy to realize on their own: Android devices use different Operating Systems from iPhones, and one cannot move data directly from one OS to another.


Rest assured, this article is about to help. It will serve Samsung users and provide 4 proven means to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone. In the next section, several useful tools will be introduced to help you move photos from Samsung to iPhone.

Method 1. Move photos from Samsung to iPhone via the Move to iOS app

How to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone? Apple takes care and offers help with an official tool. The Move to iOS app can assist you to do so. It supports to transfer the data of Camera Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Calendars, etc.

It can be of help, but with some limitations. If you have set up the iPhone already, it is necessary to erase it again. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.

So, this method does not apply to users who have used their iPhones for a while.

Please make sure the content size you need to transfer won’t be larger than the available Storage space on iPhone.
Connect the Samsung to a WiFi network.
Connect the two devices to a power supply to avoid an unexpected shutdown.

Step 1. Get Move to iOS from Google Play to your Samsung device > click Agree > Continue.

Step 2. Set up your new iPhone > come to Apps & Data > choose Move Data from Android > Continue.


Step 3. Receive a code on iPhone > input the code on the Samsung > choose the content you need to move to iPhone > Continue.

When finished, you could have the pictures moved successfully.

Method 2. Send Samsung photos to iPhone using iTunes

To move photos from Samsung to iPhone, there are also some other ways. If the method above doesn’t meet your needs and satisfaction, you could also try iTunes. You could manually add Samsung contents to iTunes, and also add them to your iPhone.

Please keep the connection between the phones and the computer during the process.
If you are using iCloud Photos, then there won’t be sync options, please move on to Method 3.
When connected, tap Trust to trust the computer.

Step 1. Connect the Samsung to the PC > DCIM > Camera > select the photos you need > copy them to a new folder on the PC > disconnect the Samsung.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to the computer > start iTunes > click the device icon.


Step 3. Head over to Photos > Sync Photos from > choose folder > choose the Samsung photos folder you have made > Apply.


It takes time, please wait with patience and keep the connection stable.

Method 3. Sync photos from Samsung to iPhone using iCloud Photos

Apple provided a cloud-based storage service for users – iCloud storage. For every iPhone user, 5 GB of free storage space can be utilized to store their photos.

If you have turned iCloud Photos on, then iTunes cannot meet your situation. Try adding Samsung photos to your iCloud storage space, and they will appear on your iPhone when synced.

When logging in, you will be asked whether to Trust the Browser. Please choose to Trust, Never, or Not Now according to your needs. If you are not using your own PC, it is recommended to choose Not Now.

Step 1. Export photos from Samsung to your PC. Connect Samsung to PC > copy & paste the photos to a folder on PC.

Step 2. Log in to iCloud.com > Photos > Upload > choose a folder to move Samsung photos to iPhone.


You could add a new album and then move the needed photos to it according to your preferences.

Method 4. Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone safely and quickly

All these methods elaborated above take a lot of time and effort. If you prefer a safer and faster way, you might as well choose professional iPhone transfer software – FoneTool.

It is a versatile tool that can assist users transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to PC, PC to iPhone, as well as cross-OS transfer. To transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone, FoneTool is your second to none choice.

Now download FoneTool to enjoy all the awesome features.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
It supports the latest iOS 15 as well and can be compatible with iPhone 13/12/11, etc.

Step 1. Move Samsung photos to your PC by connecting the device to the computer and moving all the photos you need to a new folder on the PC.

Step 2. Start FoneTool > connect the Samsung device > Phone Transfer > PC to iPhone > Start Transfer.


Step 3. Click the folder icon to add the Samsung photos > choose the photos you need > click Start Transfer.


Thus you could easily and safely move photos from Samsung to iPhone within a few clicks.

Bonus tips: prevent future data loss

In this post, 4 proven methods to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone have been introduced in detail. All users who want to figure out how to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone can get help here.

When switching from an Android device to iPhone, data loss is the last thing that users want to experience. But, don’t you worry, a good iPhone transfer tool could cover you.

In the future, countless new data will be created when using iPhone, and you don’t want to lose them one day. To prevent data from being lost is a better bet than recovering it every time.

FoneTool could not only facilitate Samsung users to move photos from Samsung to iPhone, but also protect your data security: it possesses a series of backup features, Photos Backup, Custom Backup, etc., guarding your iPhone data firmly.

Photos Backup can help you back up iPhone photos easily.

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