How to Send GarageBand Project from iPhone?

How to send GarageBand project from iPhone? How about songs? Methods on how to export song from GarageBand in this article will help you out.


By Lora / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Apple’s GarageBand is a digital music-creating app designed for iOS devices. People use this tool to write, edit, and record songs.

You may be eager to share your creations on social media or transfer/send them to others after hours of hard labor. Some users, however, are unfamiliar with GarageBand and are unsure how to send GarageBand project from iPhone or other iOS devices.


How can I send GarageBand projects (.band) to another iPad? I tried saving the GarageBand file into my notes then from noted I sent it to the email of the other device.


- Question from Apple Community


Needless to say, the means that this user has taken is way too complex and not convenient at all. Then how to share GarageBand iOS projects easily and safely? In the next section, you will figure out feasible approaches.

Part 1. How to send GarageBand project from iPhone?

A part of users wondering how to send GarageBand projects is bothered by the question “Where is the share button on GarageBand”. If you are one of them, rest assured - the detailed steps are ready here for you.

Share GarageBand project using inbuilt options

GarageBand allows users to send the projects they have worked on via AirDrop, Message, Mail, other apps, etc. Follow the instruction below to send GarageBand projects to others according to your needs and preferences. 

Step 1. Go to GarageBand app > GarageBand Recents or GarageBand for iOS folder > locate your project and long press on it.


Step 2. Tap Share.


Step 3. Choose Project.


Step 4. Choose to send the project via any means you like.


You could send it via AirDrop to others who are nearby, via messages to your contacts, Mac, etc. 

Part 2. How to export song from GarageBand as audio files?

GarageBand allows users to send GarageBand projects in 3 formats: Song, Ringtone, and Project.


Exporting the project as an audio file, generally in m4a format. After processing, an m4a file will be generated, and users could not edit it – add any other instrument parts or so, they could only edit the length, name, etc.

◆ Ringtone:

Exporting the project as a ringtone. Users could use the sound as a standard ringtone and also set a special ringtone for a contact.

◆ Project:

Exporting project while keeping its original format and structure. The exported project will be editable on Mac or other devices.

Therefore, except for the question “How to send GarageBand project from iPhone”, you may have another problem: how to share a GarageBand song as an audio file.

In case you may need to export a song from GarageBand, here we offer more info to help you.

Method 1. Share a GarageBand song as an audio file via inbuilt

Step 1. Long press the project you need to send > tap Share > choose Song format.


Step 2. Edit the quality, info, cover image, etc. as you like > tap Share > Send it via AirDrop, Messages, etc.


Method 2. Send a GarageBand song in batch via Airdrop alternative

Using the inbuilt option and AirDrop, you could transfer music to iPhone wirelessly, and also export song from GarageBand to others one by one. However, sometimes, you may need a more convenient tool to send files in batch – FoneTool could be of great help.

It is a free wireless transfer app, which could transfer iPhone data very quickly and securely. Photos, contacts, videos, music files, etc., bunches of file types are supported.

Now download the FoneTool app on your iPhone to start transferring iPhone data to others effortlessly.


Step 1. Export your songs. Hold the project icon you need to send > tap Share > choose Song format > Open in.


Step 2. Tap Save to Files.


Step 3. You could directly save your songs to the FoneTool folder > export all the songs you need to transfer to others in this way.


Step 4. Start FoneTool > head over to Files > select all the songs you want to transfer > tap Send > select an avatar nearby.


Thus you could successfully solve the problem of how to export song from GarageBand.

Bonus tips: how to protect data from being lost

All users who want to know how to send GarageBand project from iPhone will find complete instructions in this post. Furthermore, a good feature has been added for users who may need to move files in bulk.

GarageBand users will be aware that there is no Recently Deleted folder in GarageBand, making it impossible for users to retrieve deleted files or projects.

To prevent all users from iPhone data loss, it is a better bet to form a backup habit. FoneTool is your second to none option.

As a reliable iPhone backup tool, it offers a bunch of useful features, like “Photos Backup”, “Custom Backup”, “Full Backup”, etc., all these features can guard your data firmly. 

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