What to Do with Old iPhone after Transfer? (Solved)

Don’t know what to do with old iPhone after transfer? No worries, you could find solutions here to clear iPhone before selling without affecting your new iPhone.


By Lora / Updated on May 31, 2024

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After transferring data from old iPhone to new iPhone

Apple releases new products every year with a bunch of new features, functions, and new improvements. Many Apple users are willing to change to the new generation of iPhones.

And one of the most vital things to do before changing new iPhone is to migrate all data to the new device. Many users have managed to achieve so, but some may not be aware of what to do with old iPhone after transfer.

Some might plan to give the old device away, and some are willing to sell it, but the top priority is how to protect your privacy?



What can I do with my old iPhones?


I have a 6s and now plan to change to iPhone 13 and give the 6s to my family member. What should I wipe and how to wipe the iPhone to keep my content from my family?


- Question from MacRumors


Like the user in this case above, no one wants his/her data to be exposed to others, despite family members, and no matter sensitive or not.

Now, this article aims to offer you some options on how to erase the old iPhone after transfer to guard your privacy without affecting your new device.

What to do with old iPhone after transfer?

To delete everything off iPhone to sell or give away, these are very important and necessary, since you don’t want to lose any precious data, or influence the new iPhone you are using.

1. Make sure all data is transferred

Before you manage to clear iPhone before selling or giving it away, the first course of action would be to verify, to assure you have exactly moved all your data to the new device.

If you have transferred data via an iCloud backup, please don’t erase the old iPhone in haste because iCloud backup takes a couple of hours to days to migrate and download all your data from the cloud.

What’s more, a few people have reported restoring from iCloud backup failed. So, wait and see if all contents have been successfully imported to your new device.

If you feel disquieting or keep worrying, then it is recommended to back up your old device again with professional backup software – FoneTool.

It provides users with multiple useful backup features, for instance, “Full Backup”, “Photos Backup”, “Custom Backup”, etc. Create an encrypted full backup with this tool and get ready for erasing iPhone before selling/giving.


2. Log out of your iCloud account

Apple has designed the iCloud service for users to sync and access their data on different devices, which is really convenient. But regarded as a double-edged sword, it will execute all the operations you did on all devices, including deletion.

Though actually, when you tap Erase All Content and Settings, it wipes all the data on this iPhone but won’t really influence other devices, to make sure nothing goes wrong, it is better to log out your iCloud account from the old device first.

Go to Settings > Apple ID > scroll down and tap Sign Out > enter your password to turn off Find My iPhone (if you have activated it) > Sign Out.

Tips: Signing out of the iCloud account will erase all the content that is stored in iCloud from your device, but don’t worry, it is still saved in iCloud. But make sure you have backed up everything already.

3. Clear iPhone before selling or giving away

What to do with old iPhone after transfer? No need to hesitate, now with your iCloud account signed out, you could erase old iPhone without affecting your new device.

To erase iPhone, it has to be complete erase, thus ensuring all data can never be recovered by any other. Here FoneTool is your second-to-none option to erase iPhone completely. Let’s see its edges and shining points.

Easy and efficient. Only needs 1 click to erase all content and settings of your device. 
Complete and thorough. Scan deeply and wipe data several times without any omitting. 
Compatible and safe. Supports iOS 10.1 and above, working perfectly with the latest iPhone 13/12/11. 
Trust-worthy. Designed by AOMEI, the leader in the iPhone data security industry, supported by a team with advanced tech and algorithms.

Don’t hesitate to install FoneTool to clear iPhone before selling.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
Please verify you have transferred everything to your new iPhone or you have a complete backup available before erasing.

Step 1. Run the program > connect your old device to your computer > Toolbox >  iPhone Eraser.


Step 2. Please toggle “I am aware of the consequence of erasing data and am sure I want to erase it” > choose an option > click Erase Data. To guarantee no data will be recovered, you could select Enable Deep Erase technology.


Thus you could delete everything off iPhone to sell or send.

4. Disassociate the old device with your Apple ID

Every Apple ID will record all the devices you are using to facilitate management.

Since you won’t use the old iPhone anymore, and you plan to give it away or sell it, disassociating it with your Apple ID will be very necessary. Thus the next owner will not be covered in your account.

Step 1. Sign in at appleid.apple.com > click Account Security.


Step 2. Click the trusted devices.


Step 3. Scroll down and click Remove from account > confirm your choice.


Thus you could sell or send it with no worries, and the problem of “how to erase old iphone after transfer” will be settled successfully.

FAQ about erasing iPhone

What to do with old iPhone after transfer has been elaborated with detailed steps. More related info will be offered in case you may have more questions.

>> Will erasing an old iPhone interfere with my new iPhone?

When you tap the option Erase All Content and Settings, it removes all data from the current device, and won’t actually affect the data on other devices, but to free you from any data loss danger, it is strongly suggested to follow the steps in this article.

  • First back up your data, and make sure all data is transferred already.
  • Then sign out Apple ID.
  • Reset iPhone to factory reset.
  • Remove the old device from your Apple-associated accounts.

To learn more related info about the question of "Will erasing an old iPhone affect my new iPhone?", please refer to the guide.

>> How can I erase iPhone when screen is broken?

If your iPhone screen is totally dead, you could also activate VoiceOver to operate it, and then connect to your computer, let FoneTool help you erase it.

Or, you could also log in to the iCloud site to erase it. Third, iTunes can also help you wipe your iPhone.

To get a detailed guide, please refer to the tutorial to erase iPhone while screen is broken.

>> Can I erase iPhone without password?

If you have forgotten your password or got your device stolen, you may need to erase iPhone without passcode. Here 3 methods can be utilized.

  • Wipe it on iCloud.com remotely.
  • Erase it using iTunes.
  • Or turn to professional iPhone data erase software FoneTool to solve your problem.
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