The Features of AOMEI MultCloud

You can easily manage all your cloud storage drives with MultCloud, and use it to move data and files across cloud drives.

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Why Do You Need AOMEI MultCloud?

When you encounter such problems below, maybe it is good time to use MultCloud, and it will do you a favor.

  • There are many cloud drives you have registered, and you want to transfer files among your cloud drives.
  • If you want to close web browser or shut down computer while transferring files between clouds drive.
  • You want to transfer files from Dropbox to Google drive on other specific time.
  • You want to manage all of your cloud drives in one application or with one account.
  • A lot of files are stored in cloud drive, and you are in hurry to find a specific file.
  • Hello from Greece! I'd like to thank you for your great app! ---A netizen in Facebook
  • is AMAZING! @multcloud My dropbox was fill to the brink and I was able to put it in my google drive! --- A netzien in Twitter
  • Just used @multcloud to transfer all my backed up pictures (3GB) from Drop box to Google Drive. Did it in 1 hour, very easy, spot on. :) ---A netizen in Twitter.
  • Bring all of your online storage services together in one interface using the Multcloud website. Many people have multiple cloud storage accounts - Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive - but managing them all separately can be a chore. Here's how to control your different services from a single interface using MultCloud.---a review from third-party testing website

The Cloud Storage Drives That MultCloud Supports

MultCloud - Put multiple cloud drives into one

Free App for Managing Files and Transferring Files across Cloud Drives

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